A Family Vacation That Will Create Family Bonds

Do you ever take a vacation hoping to bring your family together, only to have them sniping at each other about the smallest infractions before the holiday is even half over?

I’ve been there.

And may have even threatened to end the vacation early if we couldn’t just all relax and get along. 

Yep, even families that travel often have those days.

But vacations that bring your family together do exist.  In fact, we took one last summer that did just that.

It was the most incredible vacation we’ve taken- and that’s saying a lot.

Artist's Point- the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

At Artist’s Point- the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. It’s so perfect, it almost looks photoshopped!

This past summer I found a vacation that not only brought my family closer, but also it challenged us physically and pushed us to overcome some of our fears. My family of four—daughters Caelan (age 5) and Brenna (age 7) along with my husband and I, took an adventure vacation with Austin Lehman—and it changed the way I view vacation tours.

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Jody Halsted has been traveling with her children since 2004, proving to everyone who told us it couldn't be done that it can. My goal is to show parents that travel with children is not only possible but it is fun! Travel with kids doesn't have to mean Disney.


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