Family Travel Tips to Save Money on Travel

Traveling as a family costs more than traveling as a single person or couple. Try the tricks my family uses to save money on travel.

Thanks to WHO TV 13 in Des Moines for letting me share some of my travel tips and tricks!

Of course, not all of my spring break recommendations, handy sites and tips made it onto the broadcast.

Helpful Travel Tips and Links

Though the broadcast portion on TV tonight was only 4 minutes long, we filmed for nearly 3 hours.  Below are the tips I shared, some which

White Water Rafting on Yellowstone River

That’s Brenna at the back, right. Two rows behind me. I have never been so terrified for my child- nor so proud of her!

made it into the segment, others which landed on the digital cutting room floor.  I hope the tips below will help you to plan your family’s travels and inspire you to get out an explore- both locally and across the US!

Again, thank you for stopping by.  I hope you will return again for travel tips and family travel inspiration!  I’m always happy to answer any questions- please leave a comment or email me directly!


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