Visiting Wall Drug : Prairie Kitsch of Presidential Proportions

Inside Wall Drug

The signs, first many miles apart, begin to appear as you cross the border into South Dakota. As your journey continues toward the heart of the prairie, the signs become more frequent.  As the buildup of signs continues you are drawn to exit I-90 at the small town of Wall, just so you can answer […]

Gateway Arch Riverfront, St. Louis, Missouri

The Magnificent Gateway Arch, St Louis

I was totally unprepared for how stunning the Gateway Arch is on a sunny day. The stainless steel shone brightly in the sunlight, sparks seeming to shoot from the angles as the sun hit them just right. I was happy just sitting beneath the arch enjoying the vertigo as I watched the clouds float swiftly […]

City Garden, St. Louis, Missouri

City Garden in downtown St. Louis is, quite possibly, one of the best sculpture parks I’ve ever seen. And that’s saying a lot because sculpture is really not “my thing”. But the way this park is set up and laid out you can easily forget that you are viewing sculpture- it’s more like fancy playground […]

The Magic House, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Photos from the Magic House website: the original house to the right and the expansion below. The Magic House came highly recommended to us by my cousin who remembers visiting when he was a child and now takes his kids there when they visit St. Louis. The Magic House is a sprawling, interactive children’s museum. […]

Our Trip to St. Louis

Gateway Arch viewed while laying on ground below Thanks to the generosity of the St. Louis CVC my family spent 2 1/2 days in a city I probably wouldn’t have ever thought to visit. And now… We anticipate our next trip! I was, honestly, amazed at all St. Louis had to offer- and much of […]

Missouri Rest Area a Fun Stop With Kids

Two miles south of the Iowa border along I-35 southbound sits a new rest area. It is rather over-named the Eagleville Welcome Center and Rest Area but it is a really nice rest area- especially if you have kids and the weather is nice. It has all your “regular” rest area amenities: travel information, restroom […]

Crown Center in Kansas City, Missouri

Crown Center is an all-in-one family fun zone. Truly. From shopping to dining, free entertainment indoors and out, live theater, Kaleidoscope, and the Hallmark visitor’s Center this is an attraction unto itself! Map of Crown Center Crown Center was designed as a mixed-use development and covers 85 acres. First envisioned by the founder of Hallmark […]