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One of the most rewarding parts of travel is discovery. Not only of new places, cultures, and traditions, but also the discovery of yourself. Follow our journeys and uncover the tips to plan your own adventures to a new destination or maybe uncover something a little more personal.

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Irish Family History Centre Dublin Ireland
Exploring the Midwest | Genealogy

Heritage Travel – How to Plan Your Ancestry Tour | Exploring the Midwest Podcast Episode 35

Last Updated on April 21, 2022 by Jody Halsted After you’ve found your ancestors and traced them back to your ‘homeland’ it’s natural you will want to visit. Today we’re going to talk about a few things you should do before taking a heritage tour. Allison Singleton is Senior Librarian at The Genealogy Center and…

Exploring the Midwest | Genealogy

Tips for Tracing Your Ancestors in the Midwest | Exploring the Midwest Podcast Episode 34

No matter where in the US you call home it’s likely that your ancestors passed through the Midwest to get there. Guest Allison Singleton, Senior Librarian, Virtual Programming Coordinator, and Acting Genealogy Services Manager in the Genealogy Center at the Allen County Public Library shares Midwest genealogy tips for tracing your family’s migration to and through the Midwest.