Living (and Speaking) in the State of Now

Last Updated on November 10, 2015 by Jody Halsted

The state of Iowa is often called by many names, but on April 23 it will be known as the “State of Now” as nearly four dozen speakers from across the country share their social media stories.

A while ago I posted a comment on a local blog about why people should come to the 140 Character Conference.  Since I can’t really explain it any better than I did there, here is my answer, again, to why you should attend the State of Now:

For those of us involved in the world of social media this presents an opportunity for us to venture outside our known groups and hear other stories of succeeding online, learn new tricks that may enhance our own goals and to meet people we may have only seen in 140 character snippets.

But, more importantly, I think this is a great event for those who may only be dipping their toes into the realm of social media- or who may be too overwhelmed to even begin. It’s a terrific way for small business to see, first hand, how a free tool like Twitter may be able to spread the word about their unique product or amazing customer service. Or maybe Pinterest or Instagram, things they have never even heard of, can give them the visual boost their company has been looking for. It’s a non-threatening environment filled with inspiration- and a great opportunity for every business in Iowa to meet the people who may be able to help them become a national competitor in their own business.

I urge you to take a look at the speakers and the session tracks- you’ll see a wide variety, including education, agriculture, business, and (of course) travel.  No word on if we can expect Ashton Kutcher, who recently invested in local payment system company Dwolla, to show his face in the crowd.

But I would love to see yours.  And so would sponsor Verizon Wireless- just use code ‘verizon’ when you buy your ticket to save $30!

(Be sure to come for the whole day!  But if you are really interested in hearing me speak (of course you are), I’m scheduled for 10:30am. 

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