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Birthdays really don’t phase me.

And, overall, this one isn’t.

It’s just another day.


Though, truth be told, I am probably at the half way point of my life.

And that I just can’t wrap my head around.

When my mother was 45 all of her children were adults.

When my grandmother was 45 she had 9- maybe 10- grandchildren.

At 45 I have 2 young children – ages 11 & 9.

45 for me is a funny middle ground.

Though I have friends whose lives are very similar to mine

I also see acquaintances who have grandchildren, some near my youngest daughter’s age.

At 45 my mind still tells me I’m 29.

My body tells me I’m not as young as I think I am.

My eyes tell me that I’m not as old as I wake up feeling.

Life is a funny paradox, on so many points logically unacceptable, yet wholly real.

So here’s to being halfway through.

I’m sure the second half is going to be interesting…

Bring it, 45….  I’m ready.

Manning the Cannon at Cahir Castle, County Tipperary, Ireland
Photo credit: Brenna Halsted “Look mean” she said… Taken at Cahir Castle, County Tipperary, Ireland

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  1. Enjoyed this very much! I just wrote a post comparing my wedding to my daughter’s. My parents were in their early forties when I got married; my husband and I in our mid-sixties! Happy Birthday. Oh, to be 45 again! You’re a kid!

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