Found! Great Airfare Out of Des Moines!

Last Updated on December 24, 2012 by Jody Halsted

My one BIG disappointment living in Iowa is the fact that our “international” airport really isn’t.  I think the only reason we are allowed to call it international is because FedEx or UPS fly into Canada from here.  It’s rare to get anywhere from here without a stop at someone’s hub: Chicago, Detroit, Memphis, Minneapolis…

And getting out of Des Moines is often half the cost of the entire flight.

So when I saw that we will be getting a new charter airline in May I was overjoyed.  When I saw that one way flights were well below $100 I was thrilled.

What is this great new airline we’re getting?  It’s Branson Air Express.  Yes, Branson.  Which is actually really pretty cool.  But you know what’s better?  It’s another alternative, another airline to compete.  And I applaud that heartily.

In other airline news, AirTran begins service from Des Moines on March 6.  I’m practically giddy!

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