Airport Parking Options

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On airport parking, off airport parking, short term parking, long term parking, should you make parking reservations…  Who knew there were so many options when it comes to just parking to go on vacation?

And just how long is “short term”, anyway?  Here’s a little airport parking primer to better help you navigate the multiple options, and a few tips that may help you along the way.

On-Airport Parking

Quite simply this is parking that is on the airport grounds.  Prices on-airport are charged at a premium due to their location and convenience.

Off-Airport Parking

Another simple definition: this is airport parking that is off the airport grounds.  Prices are more competitive.  When using off-airport parking you’ll want to check to see if a complimentary shuttle is available to get you and your luggage to the airport.  If you are traveling with your family it may be easiest to drop off people and luggage and have just one person take the car to the off-airport lot.

Short term parking

Short term parking typically means “not overnight”.  The highest rates are charged for short term lots as turn over is usually quite quick with people picking up and dropping off travelers.  If you are picking someone up from the airport but don’t need to meet them inside check to see if the airport has a cell-phone parking lot.  These lots are usually free and provide you a place to wait until time to pick up the traveler.

Long term parking

More than 12 hours is typically long term.  How long your trip is will matter greatly when you are choosing where to park.  Some lots may not park cars for more than 10 days while other lots specialize in stays of 2 weeks or longer.

Should you book your airport parking online?

Reserving your airport parking online has quite a few perks.

1)      You’ll save money.

2)      You’re guaranteed a parking spot- not a small matter at some airports

3)      Optional services: some companies offer valet options or  will clean or service your car for an additional fee while you’re away covers all the bases when you are searching for airport parking in the UK.  With their easy to use website you can find the most convenient Manchester airport parking or find extra services available at the Gatwick parking spots.  And they guarantee that you’ll never pay less- or they’ll pay the bill.

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by  All thoughts and tips are my own.

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