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Travel Tips for Any Trip

Tips for a fabulous flight:

  • If your child is under 2 years old and the flight is more than 2 hours long buy your child a seat and bring the car seat with you. Yes, it will cost more but a long flight with a fidgety child on your lap is no fun at all. And the car seat is familiar. You child is more likely to relax and fall asleep in their car seat than in the plane seat.
  • For children over 2 years old and under 12 I recommend the CARES Aviation Restraint System for safety.
  • Pay more for the direct flight.
  • If you have a long layover many airports have play areas.
  • Pack quiet play activities, packaged snacks and books – and each child has their own small carry-on. If they are old enough (ie: walking) have them carry it.
  • Ship items to avoid too many checked bags.
  • Even if your flight is short don’t forget the carry on!
  • Delayed/ cancelled flight? Tips to get you back in the air quickly.

Some our our favorite items for flying:

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Drama-free Drives

  • Plan fun stops along your route. Small town parks for snacks or a picnic, water towers in fun shapes, the world’s largest truck stop… Any excuse to get out of the car for a few minutes will keep boredom at bay.
  • Join AAA. Not only can they help with car trouble but their TripTik travel planner can help you plan your route, locate gas stations, hotels and restaurants and lead you to some interesting spots along the way.
  • Plan ahead. Prepare for naps, snacks, and any overnight stays.
  • Give the kids something to do: DVDs, games, coloring, cameras…
  • Get your kids their own atlas and let them follow your route.
  • Really want a drama free drive? Consider riding the Mega Bus with the family!

Some of our favorite items for drives:

  • Snack & Play Travel Tray – keeps crayons and snacks from escaping. Great for drawing and playing with small items.
  • Tika Kids Activity Bag – keeps crayons, markers, books and other items together. Love the optional magnetic board for games.
  • Space Bags – I rarely pack without them.

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