Bunratty Meadows Bed and Breakfast, County Clare, Ireland

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In November 2005 we packed up our little family and headed to Ireland. With a one-year-old it was quite an adventure.

We were able to get the best package through our travel agent (Diana Rosenberg at Allied Travel in Des Moines 515-270-7070) with Brendan Vacations. Our stay was 7 days/8 nights and included airfare, B&Bs and a car. FYI: cars in Ireland are manual. If you want an automatic you must request it and you will pay more.

Flights to Europe are usually overnight so try to rest. I recommend ear plugs and a sleep mask, otherwise the other passengers, the in-flight movies or the lights will keep you awake.

We landed at Shannon Airport shortly after 9am. I had been in contact with our first B&B and knew that, if necessary, we could check in early. Which was a Godsend as we were exhausted.

Bunratty Meadows was easy to find and just what we needed after our long journey. Dariena Sutton was ready for us and had a cot (Pack & Play) ready in our room. I had shipped a box of necessities ahead and that was in our room, also ***.

The room was spacious, with two comfortable beds and an ensuite bath with a shower. The house sits back from the main roads and is quiet and peaceful with a beautiful view of the River Shannon Estuary.

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View of Shannon Estuary

After our rest Dariena had fresh scones and coffee awaiting us in the dining room. She was very friendly and answered all of our questions, both about the area and her B&B.

Later that evening after Brenna had gone to bed we were able to access the internet, check email and update our blog. There is also a TV in each room or a guest’s lounge if you wish to mingle with others.

Bunratty Meadows boasts an extensive breakfast menu and everything we had was wonderful. Don’t let the thought of black pudding scare you- it is delicious- and I can never get enough of the brown bread. Doug had the Burren smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and raved about it. Cereal and yogurt were available for Brenna and Dariena made her freezer available to use for ice packs for the day’s travels.

Bunratty Meadows is a terrific B&B, the perfect spot for your first night, your final night or as your home base for the western counties.

*** If you travel by plane and you know you will need items that you cannot easily obtain at your destination inquire about sending them so they will be there for your arrival. Dariena Sutton was happy to hold our box of necessities: diapers, wipes, disposable cups, plates, dishes, toddler snacks & food, etc. Your luggage will be full enough without carrying these items and you can dispose of them before you head home.

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  1. Jody,
    Thanks for the great post. We’re heading over to London and Ireland in a few weeks and this is very informative! Great pictures to show the kids. It’s so fun for them to get excited beforehand.

    Nancy from Ciao Bambino

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