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  1. We were caught in two thunder storms during our 4th of July RV trip this year . The first storm drenched us and our lunch, but we put up the easy up during the second one. It actually made the trip kind of exciting.

  2. we always get rain so I have a tarp the length of our campers that we attach to our awning rail keeps our table,us, chairs& bikes all dry it so helps when we have kids with us n dog

  3. You forgot the most critical … extra shoes. My first trip out with my new TT and it was raining. I stepped out of the truck to unhook the trailer and my shoes were instantly wet. I went the whole weekend with wet sneakers. Never again, always carry extra pairs of shoes, flip flops (great for wet areas) and I’ve even seen entire families in rain boots. Happy Camping!

  4. We grab decent (& disposable) ponchos at every thrift store, yard sale, etc. mostly find new ones in pkgs. Kids love umbrellas-we store compact ones & poncho in the boots.

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