The Christmas Capital of Texas – Remembering Our Visit to Grapevine for #IGTravelThursday

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It’s really cold in Iowa right now. I don’t think we have hit double digits in over a week- and if we did, those temperatures were brought down by windchill.

Don’t know what windchill is? You must live someplace that never freezes. Windchill is the science of adding a chill wind to an already cold day to bring the temperature down. You’ll often hear, “Highs today in the low teens, but it will feel like -4 with the windchill.”

So I can be forgiven if I am thinking back to a year ago when we had a short pre-Christmas break to a warmer clime – Texas.  Grapevine, to be exact. And our timing was perfect, as the town was transforming into the Christmas Capital of Texas.

[sc:Instagram id=RsvDpNCpvp/]

Of course we weren’t able to take in all of the towns 1400 events- but we got a good taste of the fun they have every year.

Historic Downtown Grapevine is filled with boutiques, art galleries, wineries, and tasty restaurants. The girls had a very new experience: glass blowing!

[sc:Instagram id=RxvorCipu8/]

With the help of a very talented artisan at Vetro Glass, they were both able to make an ornament that, with care, will last a lifetime and carry the stories of our trip along with it.

[sc:Instagram id=RxwK8DipvV/]

[sc:Instagram id=RxyT8ECphE/]

Of course we did a bit of shopping!

[sc:Instagram id=Rx6vSLCpmx/]

And eating…

[sc:Instagram id=Ryf5ArCpn8/]

[sc:Instagram id=R0RpMfCpo-/]

[sc:Instagram id=RtWX7RCpgR/]

And even took a train ride to the Fort Worth Stockyards (unfortunately we were too early to have Santa join us, but Dad made a good substitute).

[sc:Instagram id=R5kmpXCpmU/]

One of the highlights for the girls was ICE at the Gaylord Texan. Braving the 9° wasn’t even a factor- with no windchill the girls parkas spent most of the time hanging from their heads, being put on only for fun on the ice slides.

[sc:Instagram id=RyGjVsipvW/]

[sc:Instagram id=RyJi3TCphz/]

We watched the hotel transform before our eyes, as decorations went up overnight.

[sc:Instagram id=R6Khv_Cpt2/]

And the next day the smell of gingerbread led us here…

[sc:Instagram id=R7nJ7HipmV/]

For more photos from the Gaylord Texan’s Lone Star Christmas, visit my ICE at the Gaylord Texan Flickr set.

With only this taste of the Christmas Capital of Texas, can you blame me for wanting to take a trip south?


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  1. I’m wait too familiar with windchill here in Norway… Before heading up the mountains we always need to check that (i.e. how much wind) first, to make sure that the “just below freezing” temperatures are really that 🙂 Looks like a great trip to Texas though!!

  2. I’m always wishing I could fly south for the winter too! My sister is headed to Texas for Christmas and I’m a little jealous.

  3. Oh, I understand windchill. Ohioans have had our share of freezing temperatures this winter. It really makes me remember my warm weather travels. 🙂 I would love to visit Grapevine. I’ve always been fascinated with glass blowing so to make my own ornament would be really fun. Love the Gaylord pictures. My family visited ICE last year in Florida and my teens thought it was great. If there were a property near us, we’d make it a tradition and visit every Christmas.

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