Dave Ramsey’s Junior Books for Kids

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I travel to Nashville every year for the fabulous BlissDom conference.  Not only is it a terrific conference filled with inspiration and knowledge, but I get to hang out with people who “get me” and spend time with friends that I only get to see once a year.

One of those friends isn’t at the conference, but I take time out to visit her, share stories and enjoy her version of Southern Hospitality.

I Simply Adore Martha Thompson

with Martha Thompson at Financial Peace Plaza
Caelan with Martha Thompson at Financial Peace Plaza

My article about visiting Financial Peace Plaza continues to draw hundreds of visitors a month, and while everyone comes to catch a glimpse of Dave Ramsey I will contend that people who return time and again do so because of Martha.

This was my third visit to Financial Peace Plaza (and Caelan’s second).  I walked in the door and Martha greeted me by name and with a hug.  She is such a warm, giving, genuine person- even when she’s incredibly busy, as she was that day, preparing for a large group coming in that afternoon.

While my friends took a tour of Financial Peace Plaza, Caelan and I stayed with Martha and just talked.  We must have been there an hour and a half.  Not once did we feel rushed to leave, not once did the conversation lag.

I should probably mention that Martha runs the cafe at Financial Peace Plaza, so Caelan enjoyed a massive, freshly dipped chocolate covered strawberry and cocoa while we chatted.  Visiting with Martha is one of the highlights of my trip to Nashville.

Junior’s Adventures

kids_audio_cds_with_lunchbox Dave Ramsey
Junior's Adventures CD Set

I believe I mentioned how generous Martha is.  While I received a lovely gift pack, Martha gave Caelan a gift all her own: Junior’s Adventures 6 CD Audio set.  We love Junior in our house…  We have the books, the banks and even the Financial Peace Junior kit to help the girls understand how to earn, give, save & spend their own money.  The CDs are so handy- we listen to them in the car and Caelan will listen to a story as she falls asleep.  The cute metal retro lunchbox is a great way to carry the CDs- and a couple small toys, too!

But Martha didn’t just give Caelan a set of Junior books on CD, she also gave us one to give away here on the blog.  To that I’m adding the Total Money Makeover Journal; 184 pages of inspiring quotes and places to write your thoughts, dreams and goals.

Entry is easy- just leave a comment.  Topic ideas:  Dream vacation when you’re debt free, How you decide what chores your kids get paid for and which they do because they are part of the family, Favorite Dave Ramsey saying….  Or tell me your own Financial Peace story.  Whatever your comment, make sure it’s good because Caelan will be picking her favorite as the winner.

Rules:  Contest ends April 10 at 11:59pm.  Winner will be chosen April 11 and notified via email.  Please make sure you complete the email portion of the comment form so I can reach you.

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  1. When I’m debt free, I plan to take a one month sabbatical every year. The destination will change each year. Often, it will probably be just spending some quality time with the soon-to-be hubby.

  2. Instead of traveling, if we were debt free we would start our own business! Then we would both work from home!

  3. My favorite quote is “Live like no one else, so you can live like no one else”… My husband and I reference that concept all the time!

    1.  @samanthashepard It’s a favorite in our house too!  Caelan instantly recognized it and said that since you know Dave so well, your kids should too!  Thanks for entering!

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