Easy Packing Tip: Use Space Bags!

Last Updated on December 24, 2012 by Jody Halsted

I’ve been a huge fan of Space Bags for years.  These handy bags store out-of-season clothing, camp bedding and other items throughout my house; but I especially love Space Bags for traveling.  It’s amazing how much stuff you can fit into a carry-on bag when you remove all the air!

Video Overview Below

What We Needed to Take

Packing for a trip
All the Stuff to Take

For a recent 3 day trip we needed a variety of items- from warm coats to dressy outfits, casual jeans and tops, and 2 pair of shoes each.  Not to mention accessories and toiletries.  Because we were flying I planned to pack a carry-on size suitcase for each of us.

The Bags

Carry On SuitcasesThe
The 3 Carry On Suitcases

One bag is a 20″, one is a 22″ and the third is a 15″.  These, along with a personal bag each- packed with items we would need during the flight- is all we planned to take.

All Packed!

Packing with Space Bags
Final Result: Everything Fit in 2 Bags!

I was actually really surprised that everything fit into 2 bags. Though I do wish we had taken the third- we could have used it for the stuff we accumulated during our trip!

Disclosure:  I have used Space Bags for years (as is obvious from my collection of Space bags in the video) but did receive the new Space Bags to Go to try and share if I liked them.  Video, images and thoughts are my own.

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