End of Summer Escape to Chula Vista Resort – #IGTravelThursday

Last Updated on October 1, 2014 by Jody Halsted

Last week I was able to surprise my girls with a getaway to the Chula Vista Resort in the Wisconsin Dells. All they knew was that we were going to a hotel and there would probably be a pool. So they were understandably thrilled when they saw that there were not one but two waterparks on property- one indoor and one outdoor!

We stayed just across the street from the waterparks, in a spacious golf villa. With 2 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and bathroom, we had plenty of space to relax and be apart after a day spent together.

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The outdoor waterpark as viewed from our villa.

Our afternoon after arrival was spent in the outdoor waterpark. I loved that the ‘little kid slides’ were still kinda big.  

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The girls splashed for hours and were incredibly sad when we said it was time to get dinner.  Lucky for them we found the perfect place- Margarita’s Mexican Cantina. Doug & I relaxed while the girls played in the wave pool. A perfect evening!

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Though we had a kitchen, our stay included a dining stipend. And who can resist a breakfast buffet? It was extensive – and included 3 types of pancakes: plain, chocolate chip and M&M.

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Following breakfast we caught a ride on a Duck. This amphibious vehicle tour is a ‘must’ in the Wisconsin Dells and you can get your tickets and catch a ride right from the resort!

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Bucket list item done, we were back to Chula Vista and spent the rest of the day in the water. My youngest couldn’t get enough of the lazy river. 

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And my fearless one took on Switchback Canyon with her dad. 

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We spent another evening at Margarita’s Mexican Cantina… hello, drinks for us and a pool for the kids. Why wouldn’t you?

And ended our visit the next morning at the buffet where the girls proved that playing in pools leaves them carb depleted.

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Read reviews and check rates for Chula Vista Resort!

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Family Rambling would like to thank Chula Vista Resort for hosting our stay.

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  1. Wow, two water parks. you kids must think they have the coolest mom ever for booking that vacation – it looks like a really nice place!

  2. Looks like my daughter’s dream destination, two waterparks!!! Wish we had something like that over here in Norway….

  3. coucoublog If I can answer any questions about the Dells (because there isn’t a lot about the are in this post), please don’t hesitate to email me!  jody(at)familyrambling(dot)com.

  4. Thank you!  I appreciate the offer!  We go to Chicago in the winter a lot and my kids have been dying to go to the Dells.  I’m not sure when the next time will be, but I will definitely take advantage of your offer for advice 🙂

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