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A Perfect Day in Fort Worth

A Day in Fort Worth, Texas. Texas travel tips. FamilyRambling.com

Fort Worth, Texas, quickly became one of my favorite cities to visit.  Filled with history, culture, terrific food and loads of family friendly activities, we look forward to every visit.

A perfect day in Fort Worth begins just after breakfast with a visit to Forest Park.  A beautiful, mature parkland nestled along the Trinity River, this is a perfect place to stroll with your family.  If it’s a weekend or summer day, the Forest Park Miniature Railroad may be open for a relaxing ride through the parklands.  At $3.50 for kids and $4 for adults, it’s a fun and affordable entertainment.

Forest Park Miniature Railroad
Forest Park Miniature Railroad Photo credit: arizonaandpacificrr.com

Not far from Trinity Park is the Fort Worth Zoo.  We love this zoo because the animals always seem so active.  With over 500 species of animals, the exhibits take you from Texas to Africa- with many stops in between.   We always spend the most time watching the gorillas… the little ones are so playful!

Amusing Apes at the Fort Worth Zoo
Amusing Apes at the Fort Worth Zoo

By early afternoon the girls begin making noises about being hungry.  Our favorite lunch stop- Joe T. Garcia’s.  Once a small restaurant that seated 16 people, the outdoor patio seating has expanded and now covers a full city block.  My girls love to eat in “the castle courtyard” near the pool.  Serving delicious, homemade Mexican food,  the spicy aromas waft through the patio gardens, mixing with the flowers and creating an intoxicating floral-spice scent.  Freshly made tortilla chips and crisp garden salsa are delivered immediately, along with your menus.  There is no wrong choice of meal here; everything is fresh, fabulous and filling.

Lunch at Joe T Garcia's, Fort Worth
Lunch at Joe T Garcia’s

From lunch it is only a short jaunt to the Fort Worth Stockyards.  A must for any visitor, the Stockyards District is filled with interesting shops.  Buy a cowboy hat in one of the souvenir shops, then make your way to the more interesting “galleries” filled with furnishings, antiques and Texas memorabilia.

Try on a pair of hand-crafted cowboy boots at Leddy’s.  A word of caution- if you have to ask how much they are, you probably can’t afford them.

Wander through Billy Bob’s Texas, the world’s largest honkey tonk, and pay a visit to the museums scattered throughout the area.

At 4pm find a spot along Exchange Avenue for the twice-daily cattle drive.  Long horn cattle are massive, with a horn span that can reach 6 feet!  Though the cattle seem gentle, they are easily spooked- so pay attention!

Fort Worth Stockyards Cattle Drive
Fort Worth Stockyards Cattle Drive

After exploring the Stockyards, following the Texas Trail of Fame and maybe having a sasparilla at Booger Red’s while sitting on a saddle shaped seat, it’s time to head to your hotel and relax a bit before dinner.

Find Your Perfect Stay in Fort Worth!

If you are lucky enough to have friends or relatives in the Fort Worth area, enlist their help with the kids and plan a nice evening in the entertainment district of Sundance Square.  Theater, music and restaurants are all within walking distance of each other and terrific for a romantic evening.

Make reservations for dinner at Reata.  If possible, ask for a table on the rooftop patio- it’s absolutely gorgeous.  The food at Reata is the epitome of Texas cuisine.  Beautiful beef and Tex-Mex are on the menu, as is a featured game on the weekends.  And try to save room for dessert- especially if the Chocolate Bread Pudding Tamale is being served!

Dinner at Reata, Downtown Fort Worth
Dinner at Reata, Downtown Fort Worth. Filet with grilled shrimp; Elk

It’s a shame to end an romantic evening without an evening stroll, so make your way toward the Convention center- just a few blocks down Houston Street- and wander through the Fort Worth Water Garden; it’s absolutely stunning when lit up at night.

Fort Worth Water Gardens
Fort Worth Water Gardens at night Photo credit: FarzinPhoto.com

What would your perfect day in Fort Worth look like?


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  1. We love Fort Worth, esp. the zoo! Thanks for all the new restaurant suggestions, I can’t wait to try them. But the water gardens scare me to death! I just can’t go down there.

    1. @BobbieByrd I couldn’t bring myself to go down into the part of the water garden pictured.  And especially not with my kids!  But if I were alone or with my husband…  maybe!

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