Head ‘Up North’ to Hayward, Wisconsin

Last Updated on August 4, 2015 by Jody Halsted

I have finally discovered why ‘Up North’ is so popular!

If you live anywhere in the Midwest, but particularly Minnesota and Wisconsin, ‘Up North’ is a part of your vernacular that needs no explanation.

For everyone else…  ‘Up North’ can be found above 45° latitude and between 85° and 95º longitude. This is where the northern pine forests become more prominent than concrete sidewalks, where cool breezes from the Great Lakes blow away humidity, and where you can really escape your frantic reality.

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Going ‘Up North’ – Escaping Summer Heat in Hayward, Wisconsin

published by The Scenic Route at GoRVing.com
Hayward, Wisconsin KOA has 2 things we look for - a pool and a dog park. #goRVing

If I had my way I would chase perfect weather across the country, moving my RV as the seasons changed, leaving behind bitter cold or melting heat and humidity.

Right now a house, job, and kids activities keep us stationary, allowing for long weekend getaways and extended trips.

While it seemed like my Midwestern home went from winter to summer, with barely any spring, our rains caught up in June, bringing intense humidity. By early July I was more than ready for our escape ‘Up North’ to Hayward, Wisconsin.

If you’re not familiar with Hayward, it’s a lovely northern Wisconsin resort town nestled in tall pine trees with a gorgeously clear river flowing through it. Only an hour from Lake Superior, the cool lake breezes filter through the forest, creating a perfect summer haven.

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  1. Totally hilarious. I’ve lived in North Dakota for more than ten years, and definitely needed the explanation as to what “Up North” meant (in this context). Looks like you had a fun trip!

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