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The longer I own my Kindle the more I love it.  I love the size (it easily fits into my purse while my husband carries his in a jacket pocket); I love that you can read it in bright sun light (try that with an iPad); I love the hundreds of free books (I’ve discovered so many new authors this way) and I love that I can highlight passages, add notes and even share passages on Facebook and Twitter easily.  If you’re looking for a dedicated e-reader I can’t recommend the Amazon Kindle highly enough.

Since I received my Kindle as a birthday gift last November I have been searching for the perfect case or sleeve.  I’m not a fan of the cases that hold the Kindle like a book as it makes it more difficult for me to take notes.  And While I liked a simple sleeve I was looking for something that would also hold a notebook.

Earlier this month I was searching etsy and found a fabulous shop called My Paper Garden.  Lisa creates useful items out of vintage atlas paper covered with clear vinyl.  But instead of using a hot lamination she sews the vinyl and paper together- which gives each item a unique and individual look.  I loved her Kindle cover and her cash wallet and thought that, if she would combine the two, I would have found my perfect Kindle case.

I sent an email to Lisa and she replied very quickly and was open to designing my idea.  I mentioned that I have a love of Ireland and here is what she created for me:

Kindle Case by My Paper Garden on Etsy
Ireland and Irish Stamps on the Front
Back of Kindle Sleeve by My Paper Garden
Back of Kindle Sleeve
Inside of Kindle Sleeve by My Paper Garden
Inside of Kindle Sleeve

The interiorof the sleeve is lined in grey felt, which is also sewn to the paper and vinyl.  The right pocket completely covers my Kindle (which is in there) and the left nicely holds my notepad.  I adore my case and get so many compliments on it!  In fact my husband admired it so much he requested his own!

Items from My Paper Garden arrive wrapped in atlas paper
Items from My Paper Garden arrive wrapped in atlas paper
Kindle case by My Paper Garden
Doug’s case features the UK

The only difference between my case and Doug’s is that his has a pen loop inside.

Lisa at My paper Garden was so open to my request about the design and map locations that I wanted to ask her just a couple of questions…

Q: You were so open to my idea and fit the product to my passion. Do you take requests for atlas locations on orders?

Lisa: I am always open to custom request for specific atlas location…..when I have them. Unfortunately since I use only vintage papers from vintage atlas books the most popular locations are only available for one item per book. This rules out any quantity of items from a particular area.

Q: Do you plan to make more of this design or will it be a “request only” item?

Lisa: I will probably give the ereader combination cover a try on the site. Additional materials and time were needed to make it and I’m not sure if the price will be agreeable to Etsy shoppers. I will just have to give it a try. Lisa says the ereader combi cover will probably run about $30.  If you want one and don’t see it just contact Lisa via Etsy (you’ll need to create or log into your account, then click “contact”).  She’ll get back to you asap and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind item in your hands quickly.

Lisa also makes tote bags, map wallets, travel envelope organizers, note cards and more.  Be sure to visit her at MyPaperGarden on Etsy.

Disclosure:  Kindle cases pictured were paid for by me.  I did not receive any items or compensation for this post.

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