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Purchasing an RV was one of my family’s best decisions. Not only did it change the way we travel, and how we spent our weekends, but it also helped to draw my extended family – siblings, nieces & nephews, parents and in-laws – together in a way that I never imagined.

Even though only a few of my extended family own RVs or campers, we have found that camping is a perfect multi-generational family vacation! If planned correctly the getaway is affordable, active, and interesting. It has actually become an annual family getaway!

RV Camping Palo Duro Canyon, Amarillo, TX

Tips for a Multi-Generational Family Camping Vacation

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Planning a multi-generational family vacation can often lead to stress and tensions. Lodging costs are high, dining costs just add to it, and agreeing on a location that works for everyone can seem impossible.

Why not consider camping? With hundreds of options across the US you’re sure to find a location everyone can agree on – as well as a price point that is quite comfortable.

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