Out From Killarney

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Since I had been to Killarney and County Kerry previously I had things in mind that I wanted to share with my family. And, of course, there were many things we didn’t do. These are just a few other activities close to Killarney.

Ring of Kerry

The Iveraugh peninsula is probably the most traveled area in Ireland. And it is beautiful. But take my advice and avoid it. Yes, a bus tour is nice but your kids will get very bored very quickly. I did as a adult. If you choose to drive the Ring of Kerry you are suggested to travel anti-clockwise (the same way as the tour buses). Skip it. The “ring” is very commercialized.

Try either the Dingle Peninsula, which has stone age forts, oratories and bee hive monk’s homes (and a resident dolphin), or the Beara Peninsula with it’s walking paths and ancient archaeological sites. Both have the rugged beauty people surge to the Ring of Kerry for but neither has the crazy amount of tour buses.

The Gap of Dunloe

The Gap of Dunloe is about 5 miles out of Killarney. It is, as it’s name suggests, a “gap” between two mountain ranges and was, for centuries, the main trade route into Killarney. Motorized traffic is forbidden (unless you actually live in the gap, so jaunting carts are available for hire. There is also a 40 or 60 mile bike loop from Killarney if cycling is more your thing.

Sculpture Road

Heading out of Killarney on the Cork Road (N22) you can’t help but notice the carved rocks along the road way. Be sure to keep your eyes open for the rearing unicorn on a cliff edge near Clonkeen. It’s magnificnet.

Kerry Glass Studio & Visitor Center

If you love Kerry glass be sure to visit this studio. To see glass being blown is incredible. There is also a shop because you’re gonna want a souvenier.

Crag Cave

If you are an family of adventurers this underground wonderland may be for you. This is a great stop if you have older an younger children because they have an indoor play area to keep the little ones entertained while the older children explore.

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