Gifts for the Traveler in Your Life

Last Updated on November 1, 2016 by Jody Halsted

About this time of the year gift guides for travelers pop up all over the internet.  This is another one.

Busy Travelers Like Gifts That Make Travel Easier

Enercell® 2400mAh Portable Power Bank

Nothing is more frustrating than when your mobile device has a low battery.  Plugging in can be difficult at airports and near impossible on a plane or bus.  Get up to 8 extra hours of power; includes USB-to-mini USB cable, mini USB-to-micro USB tip and an Apple® cable.  $49.99

Packing with Space BagsSpace Bags

Frequent travelers don’t check luggage.  With Space Bags you can get more clothing in less space. The easy roll up bags don’t require a vacuum and come in a variety of convenient travel sizes.  Because they can be reused this is a gift that will be appreciated for many trips to come!  $10 and up

In Flight Internet

Flight time may the only time many travelers can’t be interrupted by phones or family.  Give them the gift of connectivity with Gogo Inflight Internet.

Frequent Travelers Like Gifts That Have a Dual Purpose



I’ll be honest, it wasn’t until recently that I wanted a ScotteVest item.  But with the new additions of the hoodie, vest and fabulous trench coat, a ScotteVest item (or 2) is on my list of wants.   These jackets- in mens and womens styles- are a combination of coat and travel bag.  Each item has “hidden” pockets to hold personal and electronic items safely and without adding unattractive bulk.  From $60

Luggage Is Always a Great Gift for theTraveler

Trunki Ride On Suitcase

Trunki 4Possibly the most fabulous piece of kids luggage to be introduced in years, the Trunki is a sturdy rolling suitcase that kids can ride on.  Kids can pull their own luggage, parents can pull the kids on the luggage or clip the strap and carry it over the shoulder.  It makes kids travel more fun- and is quick through the airport!  $39.99


The next step up in luggage for kids is the ZÜCA bag, a customizable bag with a sturdy frame and a large variety of bag inserts.  This bag can go anywhere and provide your seat when you arrive.  Kids will love the flashing roller-blade-type wheels. From $135
Tumi Alpha 2

A bag that you can carry on a plane but won’t wrinkle your suit?  The Tumi Alpha 2 has 2 packing sections, a fold out “suit section” and plenty of spots to organize personal and business items. $595

Travelers Love to Remember Their Trips

Personalized Kids Travel Journal

Kids, even those who can’t write, love to share and remember their travel experiences.  A personalized journal, markers or pen set will help them share their travel tales.  From $13.99
Moleskine Passions Travel Journal

The travel journal on my wish list, the Moleskine Passions Travel Journal has checklists, planning sections, themed sections and labels.  It will document your entire trip- from planning to return- and serve as a scrapbook as well! $19.95
Olympus PEN E-PL1

The top of my wish list this year is the Olympus PEN, a micro four thirds camera.  The size of a point & shoot with the functionality of a DSLR.  Perfect for the active traveler who loves to take great photos but doesn’t want to carry heavy equipment.  $399




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