RoadTrip Bingo for Over the Road Family Fun

Last Updated on March 26, 2015 by Jody Halsted

Do your kids put on headphones every time you get in the car?  Or are they so absorbed in their hand held video games that they never look out the window?  Do you want more family interaction while you’re on the road?  Give RoadTrip Bingo a try!

Road Trip Bingo by Knock Knock
RoadTrip Bingo in the box

Put Down the Headphones

Like many parents we had begun to rely, quite heavily, on the girls occupying themselves during some of our long road trips.  When we were in the Ozarks- some of the most beautiful land in the country- a few weeks ago it was difficult to get the girls to look out the window and enjoy the hills, trees and gorgeous valleys.

Just after we returned home I was offered a set of RoadTrip Bingo cards to try.  And on our next road trip we used them.  Each RoadTrip Bingo card has the same images, in different locations so only one BINGO happens at a time.  The idea is that you call out what you see- so everyone can push back the item.  We found this to bring up some fun conversation…  Does roadkill count as a wild animal?  Is a three wheeled motorcycle still a motorcycle?  Is a big RV a motor home or a bus?  And why are huge satellite dishes sitting in the middle of nowhere?

What’s Your BINGO Prize?

The suggested BINGO prize in the RoadTrip Bingo instructions is a stop for ice cream.  While that wasn’t feasible, I did plan ahead with special treats and the winner got to pick the treat I opened.

Playing Road Trip Bingo
Playing Road Trip Bingo

Now the girls ask to play a round or two when we set out on a trip.  It’s entertaining on drives and a great way to get your kids to notice the world around them.

Final Thoughts

We really did enjoy playing RoadTrip Bingo but there are a few small changes I would suggest…  My family lives in the Midwest,  where tractors, out of state license plates passing through and farms are the norm.  We finished the game quite quickly.  It might be fun to add a few more unusual things to the mix…  like wind turbines, campgrounds and truck stops.

I love that the game boards can be re-used and 12 come in each box.

RoadTrip Bingo is available from Knock Knock for only $8.  They also have Airplane Bingo!

Disclosure:  I received a complimentary RoadTrip Bingo to review.  Thoughts and images are my own.

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  1. Hi Jodi,
    I love that game! It would be quite funny in my car. We live on the East Coast and your norm would be our more unusual things to spot, so, that would be very fun…and a nice break away from the DS and video player.

  2. Unfortunately Knock Knock link no longer shows any Road Kill or Road Trip Bingo offering.
    However, there are many other sources for this game, which I remember playing in the car with our own kids back in the 70s and 80s. We even had a version we played when we traveled with my own parents in the 50s. It’s a hoot in any version.

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