RV Ownership: Renting Our Motorhome with a Management Company

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Put your RV to work for you! Renting our motorhome with a management company.

Last October we wrapped R’Velle in a sturdy, winter-proof cover and parked her for the long, cold season in a secured lot not far from our house. We would visit her every few weeks to start her up and roll her forward or back so the tires wouldn’t sit on one place for too long. We would start the generator and let her warm up while we sat at the table dreaming about the trips we would take after the spring thaw.

RV storage cover for winter

Though we use our RV often during the spring, summer, and fall, activities during the winter months keep us from venturing far from home. As I’m not a fan of winter to begin with, camping in the cold – even in the luxury of an RV – just doesn’t appeal to me.

Through the world of the interwebs I learned that there are RV Consignment companies that will rent privately owned RVs to vacationers. As the market really isn’t booming in Iowa in the dead of winter, I started looking into southern locations and found RV Rentals of Orlando.

Renting Our Motorhome With a Management Company

When we first began dreaming of an RV of our own, we rented one from a local company, but the thought of renting our RV to strangers {gasp!} never crossed our minds. When I first broached the idea to Doug he was hesitant.

First came the obvious question: What if it gets wrecked? Or if a renter destroys the interior? And there was the little matter of the sheer distance between Florida and Iowa. RV Rentals of Orlando asks for a one-year rental commitment. Not really an option if we wanted to use our own RV during the summer.

A quick email, followed by a phone call, put our questions to rest.

While in the care of RV Rentals of Orlando, R’Velle would be covered by the company’s fleet insurance. Renters are required to present an insurance binder from their own insurance company, or purchase insurance before taking the RV from the lot. And the thorough client screening process – along with hefty rental deposits – help ‘weed out’ people who might otherwise damage your property.

As for the one-year commitment, RV Rentals of Orlando was willing to split that into a couple shorter terms.

Our questions answered, we loaded R’Velle in early February and hit the road for Florida. After a short break of our own – a couple nights at Fort Wilderness at Walt Disney World – we emptied our RV belongings into a storage unit and left R’Velle in Orlando.

Camping at Fort Wilderness, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

The Results of Renting Our RV to Strangers

When we returned to pick up R’Velle on April 2, she had been part of the ‘fleet’ for 2 months. During that period she had been rented for 4.5 weeks. Three and a half of those weeks she served as a mobile office for real estate companies at building projects, which draws a lower rate, but longer terms. The other week she was rented and used as a mobile base for the production crew of TLC’s Hoarders TV series.

Our commission payment, after insurance was deducted, was $1761. I really can’t complain as she would have earned nothing sitting in Iowa all winter.

How was she? you may be wondering. Ironically enough, she was backed into at one of the developers lots the day before we picked her up. It’s a minor blemish, and one that is covered by the renter’s insurance. We didn’t have time to wait for her to get fixed before leaving Orlando, but I have been assured that all we have to do is send the bill to RV Rentals of Orlando and we will be reimbursed by insurance.

The interior had been well cared for by the staff of RV Rentals of Orlando and she was ready to use when we picked her up for our own trip.

Will We Rent Our RV with a Management Company Again?

Absolutely. R’Velle will be returning to Orlando in the fall. She was well cared for, warm, and earned her keep. Definitely a win-win-win situation for us.

Deciding to rent your RV is a very personal decision. I definitely don’t recommend jumping into it without knowing the facts. RV Rentals of Orlando were very understanding with our questions, and made us feel good about our decision. If you might be considering renting your RV with a management company, I recommend RV Rentals of Orlando. If you contact them, go ahead and drop my name. I don’t get anything for it – but it’s always nice for businesses to know where referrals come from.

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  1. This was great to read. We have considered renting our RV out but have been apprehensive about it. Your experience will have a strong impact on our final decision. Thanks a ton!

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