Temporary Tattoos for Safety

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Because my girls are still quite young we always have their Harness Buddie on them every time we venture out someplace crowded. But I know the day will come when that soft, friendly leash will no longer be fun to wear and they will venture out without it.

Because getting separated from mom & dad is a scary experience even the most meticulous memorization may fail just when your child needs it most- to contact you if they get lost.

A good idea is to write your phone number on their arm. A great idea is to get these oh-so-cool temporary tattoos with your information on them. What kid doesn’t love a temporary tattoo?

SafetyTat was developed by a mom (why couldn’t I think of it?) and is completely customizable. You can choose from “boy” or “girl” designs, as well as health information such as diabetic, autistic and nut allergic. You can even get blank tats that come with a special write on marker- great for overseas travel where your cell phone may not work! There is even a special tat for schools- perfect for field trips.

A customized package of 30 tats is only $19.95.

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