The Head Snuggler Puts and End to Drooping Heads : A Review & Giveaway

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Ah, yet another product that I wish I had invented. An idea so simple, so needed and only now is it being addressed.

If you have a little one in a car seat you know what I mean. On any given car ride little ones tend to fall asleep. And very soon their little heads are so far forward they are practically touching their bellies. If your child is older, like Brenna, they may go sideways. Either way it looks uncomfortable.

I spent years trying to address this problem; Doug or I would lean into the back seat and straighten the girls’ heads only to have them nod back down within minutes. I couldn’t think of anything to solve the problem short of tying their heads down- and I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t have been comfortable.

When I first saw the Head Snuggler I wasn’t sure it would work. It’s a really simple idea. I figured Caelan’s little head would just nod right out of it. I should learn to not make judgements until I try something. Because it worked wonderfully.

It fit easily on the car seat (it also fits on strollers) and didn’t bother Caelan at all when I put it on after she fell asleep. I even pulled it down to shield her eyes from the sun. Brenna, who rarely naps, has requested one for her booster- just to cover her eyes.

If your child naps in the car and gets “droopy” I highly recommend the Head Snuggler. It works.

You can buy the Head Snuggler online for $20.99 + s/h.

For Have Kid Will Travel readers: To receive a 15% discount simply complete your purchase at www.melrosekids.com and then email [email protected] and mention this blog post along with your name and you will receive a credit.

Melrose Kids has offered a head snuggler for one of my readers in the green with polka dots design.

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  1. wow! What a great idea! Ethan is so bad about dropping his head.. I stuffed a sweater under him but still didn't stop it!

  2. my daughter actually has this problem, we do a lot of road trips and just got back from NH and RI, she looked so uncomfortable!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  3. Yikes…. not going to comment on the product, as it doesn't look safe or practical. But your daughters car seat is not being used properly AT ALL! The chest buckle belongs on her chest, not her crotch, thats why its called a CHEST buckle. Her harness is way too loose, it needs to be snug as a hug, or it cannot do its job. In a crash, buckled in the way your child is right now (especially with that head thing on), she'd be thrown violently around or possibly ejected. And with her head restrained like that, it will likely cause major spine nad neck damage. 🙁

  4. Dear Anon: Thank you so much for your concern about my daughter's safety. I do know how to use a car seat. And the chest buckle did begin on her chest. However, if you have a child over the age of 2 you should know that things don't always stay where you put them. And I don't believe that you can tell by this photo how tight her straps are as they are tight, not even allowing my hand to fit between her and the strap.

    As far as the "head thing" it would not cause any injury to her in a crash. It simply helps hold her head up while she sleeps, it isn't an anchor nor does it restrain her.

    The next time you want to make judgments based on a photo you may want to think twice and make sure you know what you're talking about.

  5. Not that I want to get into a blog argument with you, but I DO know what I'm talking about. I can tell her harness is loose, as the shoulder pads are laying to the side. But then again, that could just be from the chest buckle not in the proper place.

    And I have two small kids, never had a problem with the chest buckle slipping or them moving it.

    As for the 'head thing', yes, in a crash it is restraining her head, her chin and chest would go forward, the top of her head would not move or not move as far as the rest of her body and it will cause major strain on her neck and spine.

    If you are happy using it, then go for it. But it simply just doesn't seem safe in the long run.

  6. I don't want to get in an argument either; both of my girls fiddled with the chest buckle and the shoulder straps as soon as they figured out they could move.

    I have spoken with both my chiropractor and my daughters' physician about this product. They have both seen it in use, know how it works and neither had any reservations about it. Both of my daughters like it and they both sleep much more comfortably when we take car trips.

  7. Anonymous,
    It is unfortunate that you are working so hard to discredit this great product. You have cut and pasted your post using a different name on all of the great reviews for this product.
    Transport Canada has specific concerns about adding products to carseats. They recommend not adding anything that comes between the child and the seat or comes between the child and their restraints or affix to the restraints. This product does neither. This is simply meant to provide comfort for children while they rest in a car seat. It is not a safety device and isn't snug enough to change the course of any movement of a child in an accident. This is a SAFE product that many see the benefits for. Either a car seat is safe or it's not, a Head Snuggler isn't going to change that fact and no judge would look at this product and deem that it in fact interfered with the proper functioning of the carseat. The Head Snuggler isn't tight, and a head would easily come out of this type of support in an accident. Please do your research before you make comments to discredit products.

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