The Market Place Restaurant, Asheville, North Carolina

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A couple of weeks ago I traveled- sans kids– to Asheville, NC to attend a blog conference. Because I flew in the day the conference began and it rained- poured, actually- during my downtime I didn’t get a chance to tour the area.

What I did get to experience, however, was one of Asheville’s restaurants. Asheville is known as a “foodie’s paradise” with most restaurants serving locally grown produce, fish and meats. Wines and beers are even locally produced and much touted.

I had made plans with my friends Paula and Andi for dinner. We had no destination in mind but instead decided to wander through downtown Asheville and see what we found.

After wandering about we stopped at The Market Place to chat with some other conference attendees and have a drink at one of the outdoor tables. Our waiter was very attentive and offered the appetizer menu in case we wanted something to accompany our drinks.

We were also being “checked on” by another gentleman who we assumed to be the owner. We were only half right. He was the former owner. He had owned The Market Place for 30 years and had recently sold it. It was his final night at the restaurant and the first night under the new owner. We chatted with him, he took our picture, and we decided to stay for dinner.

We had ordered appetizers while outside; they were delivered to our new indoor location with no problem- we even had the same waiter.

We began with duck cracklin’s (duck skin fried crispy) with a whole grain mustard and seared sea scallops served on a cauliflower puree. The cracklin’s were perfectly crispy and the scallops seared to perfection.

Then meals were served. Andi had the warm duck confit salad, which she announced to be fabulous. I was overjoyed with my wood grilled filet mignon and fingerling potatoes; the steak was so tender I cut through it with a butter knife. Paula had the house-made sweet potato ravioli; it was sweeter than she was expecting but still quite tasty.

Desserts followed. Andi said the trio of seasonal sorbet were a tasty, and very European, end to her meal while Paula raved about the apple crisp.

We had a wonderful dinner at The Market Place. It was a great place to catch up with friends I don’t see often. The decor invites you to sit, be comfortable and linger. That is just what we did. It was a terrific dining experience.


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  1. That meal was memorable in every way – the company moat definitely – the food – the best during my 4 days there – and I ate well – and great drinks too! Can't wait to do a repeat in Nashville!

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