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In my house we love educational toys. They make learning fun! So when Caelan’s birthday was coming up and I was being asked for gift recommendations one of the items I chose was the VTECH Write and Learn Letter Book.

vtech write & learn 3

Unlike other learning books this one requires no cartridges or add-ons; it’s all in one so there is nothing to misplace. The pages are a flexible plastic that won’t damage easily and will wipe clean after grimy fingers are finished playing.

This interactive story book has 20 pages that teach letters,
numbers, vocabulary and writing skills; you change the setting with the colorful sliding knob on the right. There are 17 activities to teach over 60 words, numbers 1-12, phonics skills, colors and all the
letters of the alphabet. Each page features two letters and teaches handwriting with finger touch so there are no pointed objects. The letter buttons light up to help the learning process.

Learning activities include matching letters to words, letter writing, “find it” game, letter order, spelling, counting and a music page that records the notes your child presses and lets them play it back. There is also an animals page.

This toy turns on automatically when it is opened or a page is turned and turns off when shut or after a period of time.

The age recommendation is 3 and up, but Caelan just turned 2 and she loves it:

vtech write & learn 2

She is learning letters and numbers in pre-school and this helps her to continue learning at home- when she thinks she’s playing.

It has a handle for easy transport

vtech write & learn

and is great for car trips. There is a volume button on it, but low is still pretty loud so if you take this on a flight I would cover the speaker with a bit of masking tape to muffle the sound.

Brenna, who is 4, also enjoys this as she is learning letter sounds and is spelling short words. This is definitely a toy that can help your child learn through pre-school and into kindergarten.

Because it’s made by VTECH it’s built to withstand your toddler and I can tell you from experience that their customer service is top notch.

If you have a budding photographer in the house be sure to check out their Kidizoom Camera. We own one and love it.

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