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Should You Buy Travel Insurance for Your Vacation? Tips to help you weigh your risks, figure out what you already have, and decide what you need.

Do You Need Travel Insurance for Your Family Vacation

“Do I need travel insurance for my family vacation?” It’s a question I receive often, and one that doesn't have the same answer for everyone as it has to do with risk, as well as figuring out the coverage you may already have. Since the question is on the table, lets delve into it piece by piece. Why You Might Need Travel Insurance for Your Family Vacation It’s helpful to … [Read More...]

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Camping Tips: the 5 things you must have for camping in the rain

Camping in the Rain? The 5 Things You MUST Have

It's been a wet summer. I can count on one hand- using one finger- the number of camping trips we've taken when not a drop of rain fell. And, a couple of times, the rain lasted for most of a day, leaving us with "waterfront" campsites. Through our years … [Read More...]

Class C RV from Road Trip RV Adventures

What We Learned from our First RV Trip

With as much driving as we do, Doug and I had always said we wanted to buy an RV.  Nothing could be better, we imagined, than a small rolling house on wheels.  No stopping for bathroom breaks ever hour!  Make your meals while you cruise down the highway!  No … [Read More...]