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My favorite beauty products for camping. Because roughing it doesn't mean you can't be pretty.

My Favorite Beauty Products for Camping

Affiliate disclosure: This post contains affiliate links for products I personally own, use, and recommend. When you make a purchase I may receive a referral commission. Your costs will not be higher when you make a purchase through my links, and your purchase helps support the costs of maintaining Family Rambling. Thank you! I don't know about you, but for me camping is one … [Read More...]

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Best of the Midwest

Soda-licious - the Home Soda Company, in the tiny town of Homer, carries small-batch sodas from across the country. Just one of the fun things to do in Champaign, Illinois.

Midwest Getaway: Champaign, Illinois

Though Chicago often gets the glory when it comes to Illinois tourism, it’s not the only place worth visiting. My girls & I spent a few fun days in Champaign, Illinois – and found a perfect family getaway filled with outdoor activities, terrific food, interesting history, and a completely magical English Garden. Family Fun in […]

The Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, South Dakota

Exploring the Black Hills from Hot Springs, South Dakota

The majority of visitors to the Black Hills arrive with a singular focus: Mount Rushmore. Which is to be expected- it is the #1 tourist attraction in South Dakota. But there is a lot to do in this upper Midwest state beyond gazing at massive carvings in mountainsides – you can explore an archaeological dig, […]

Who's a pretty Fu Dog? Fu Dog Garden at Allerton Park & Retreat Center in Monticello, Illinois. The expansive formal gardens and woodland trails are free to visit and open daily.

Exploring Allerton

I used to love watching America’s Castles on A&E. The grandeur, the extravagance, the undisguised abundance of wealth that the late 19th and early 20th century ‘robber barons’ had to work with was simply unimaginable. One of these ‘robber barons’ in Chicago, a man by the name of Samuel Allerton, made his money by purchasing pork […]

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