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camping tips - 5 camping tips for newbies learned from my own bad first experiences

5 Tips for the Camping Newbie

Camping is an amazing family activity! Fresh air! Explorations! Cooking over fire! Dirt, sticks & rocks!!! We've been camping quite a bit and these 5 tips for the camping newbie will keep your family comfy - and maybe make camping your favorite vacation getaway! These tips assume you have already booked your campsite and you have your shelter lined up (tent, pop-up or … [Read More...]

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Best of the Midwest

5 Incredible Midwest Towns You Must Visit

5 Incredible Midwest Towns You Must Visit

I’m a big fan of my Midwestern home. Half way from everywhere in the contiguous US, we often choose road trips over flying. This past summer my family explored quite of bit of the land oft referred to as ‘fly over country’ – and discovered these incredible Midwest towns that are well worth visiting. 5 […]

Up North. Camping in Hayward Wisconsin. Family Rambling. Fun Family Travel

Head ‘Up North’ to Hayward, Wisconsin

I have finally discovered why ‘Up North’ is so popular! If you live anywhere in the Midwest, but particularly Minnesota and Wisconsin, ‘Up North’ is a part of your vernacular that needs no explanation. For everyone else…  ‘Up North’ can be found above 45° latitude and between 85° and 95º longitude. This is where the northern […]

Soda-licious - the Home Soda Company, in the tiny town of Homer, carries small-batch sodas from across the country. Just one of the fun things to do in Champaign, Illinois.

Midwest Getaway: Champaign, Illinois

Though Chicago often gets the glory when it comes to Illinois tourism, it’s not the only place worth visiting. My girls & I spent a few fun days in Champaign, Illinois – and found a perfect family getaway filled with outdoor activities, terrific food, interesting history, and a completely magical English Garden. Family Fun in […]

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