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View from the Window - the sun rises above the clouds

View from the Window

It's rare that I fly if I'm traveling in the US. And much more rare that I fly unaccompanied, with no children to squabble over who gets the window seat. As a matter of fact, I'm an aisle person. I don't like being pressed against the side of the plane, the vibrations of the air was we hurtle through it, massaging my arm to the point of numbness. But I didn't book this … [Read More...]

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Camping in the Rain? The 5 Things You MUST Have

It's been a wet summer. I can count on one hand- using one finger- the number of camping trips we've taken when not a drop of rain fell. And, a couple of times, the rain lasted for most of a day, leaving us with "waterfront" campsites. Through our years … [Read More...]


5 Tips for the Camping Newbie

Memorial Weekend marks the unofficial beginning of camping season here in the Midwest and I know that many people will be attempting to "rough it" for the first time this year. We've been camping quite a bit and these 5 tips are my basis for a good … [Read More...]