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Summer Camp Packing Tips

I've always considered myself rather an expert packer. Packing for a trip is like a puzzle - and I love making all the pieces fit. So when my eldest went away to camp last year I packed her bags with precision, making sure she wouldn't take up too much space in the cabin while being sure she would have everything necessary for her week away. Upon my return to pick her up, I … [Read More...]

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Dinosaur tracks, and a not-so-friendly snake at Dinosaur Valley State Park near Glen Rose, Texas.

Tracking Dinosaurs in Texas

I'm always amazed what I 'discover' in places I though I knew. Like Texas. It's a huge state, but I've been through much of it. So how did I miss the fact that, … [Read More...]

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Best of the Midwest

The Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, South Dakota

Exploring the Black Hills from Hot Springs, South Dakota

The majority of visitors to the Black Hills arrive with a singular focus: Mount Rushmore. Which is to be expected- it is the #1 tourist attraction in South Dakota. But there is a lot to do in this upper Midwest state beyond gazing at massive carvings in mountainsides – you can explore an archaeological dig, […]

Who's a pretty Fu Dog? Fu Dog Garden at Allerton Park & Retreat Center in Monticello, Illinois. The expansive formal gardens and woodland trails are free to visit and open daily.

Exploring Allerton

I used to love watching America’s Castles on A&E. The grandeur, the extravagance, the undisguised abundance of wealth that the late 19th and early 20th century ‘robber barons’ had to work with was simply unimaginable. One of these ‘robber barons’ in Chicago, a man by the name of Samuel Allerton, made his money by purchasing pork […]

The Barrel Drive In, nostalgia & tasty food in Clear Lake, Iowa

Getting Off the Interstate in Clear Lake, Iowa

If you’ve ever traveled along Interstate 35 in northern Iowa, you have definitely noticed the town of Clear Lake. The last major exit as you drive north out of Iowa, or the first major exit as you enter Iowa from Minnesota, for most travelers Clear Lake is a cluster of gas station chains and fast […]

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