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Camping at Fort Wilderness, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

RV Ownership: Renting Our Motorhome with a Management Company

Last October we wrapped R’Velle in a sturdy, winter-proof cover and parked her for the long, cold season in a secured lot not far from our house. We would visit her every few weeks to start her up and roll her forward or back so the tires wouldn't sit on one place for too long. We would start the generator and let her warm up while we sat at the table dreaming about the trips … [Read More...]

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Camping Tips: the 5 things you must have for camping in the rain

Camping in the Rain? The 5 Things You MUST Have

It's been a wet summer. I can count on one hand- using one finger- the number of camping trips we've taken when not a drop of rain fell. And, a couple of times, the rain lasted for most of a day, leaving us with "waterfront" campsites. Through our years … [Read More...]

The Barrel Drive In, nostalgia & tasty food in Clear Lake, Iowa

Getting Off the Interstate in Clear Lake, Iowa

If you've ever traveled along Interstate 35 in northern Iowa, you have definitely noticed the town of Clear Lake. The last major exit as you drive north out of Iowa, or the first major exit as you enter Iowa from Minnesota, for most travelers Clear Lake is a … [Read More...]