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Cadillac Ranch, Amrillo, Texas

Roadside Curiosities: Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo, Texas

Cadillac Ranch, located just east of Amarillo, Texas along Interstate 40, is an iconic roadside attraction and a stop for many roadtrippers as they cross the southern plains on historic Route 66. But just how far out of your way should you go to visit Cadillac Ranch? In my opinion, not far. Located on the I-40 frontage road, you'll know you are at the right place by the … [Read More...]


Cannon at Washington Crossing Historic Park, Pennsylvania

In the Footsteps of Greatness: Historic Washington Crossing on the Delaware River

George Washington and his brave rag-tag army crossed the icy Delaware River on December 25, 1776 to surprise the Hessians that were groggy from Christmas … [Read More...]


Sunrise over Yellowstone Lake

America’s First National Park : Yellowstone

Believed to be first seen by European American eyes in 1806, the descriptions of what was to be come Yellowstone National Park weren't believed for over 60 years. … [Read More...]


Bluegrass jam Woodside Farm Creamery

Family Fun in Delaware – The First State

As the first state to ratify the Constitution, Delaware has bragging rights in spite of its small size. It’s rich in history, has gorgeous beaches and state parks, and boasts a surprising number of award-winning restaurants. And while it may be that it’s only … [Read More...]

Grianan_of_Aileach_ring_fort_on_the_Inishowen_Peninsula._Centuries_old_and_placed_on_a_very_high_hill_top._You_can_climb_the_ancient_stone_steps_to_the_top_and_see_four_counties_of_Ireland_on_a_clear_ - Copy

Stunning. Wild. History. The Inishowen Peninsula for #IGTravelThursday

Few tourists make their way to the Inishowen Peninsula, the most northerly peninsula of Donegal, Ireland's most northerly county. Even I, in a decade of Ireland travel, didn't visit her most remote county. Our tight schedule left us only 2 days to visit the … [Read More...]

Storybook Land Express, Aberdeen, SD

Be a Part of Your Favorite Childhood Tales at Storybook Land

What is your favorite nursery rhyme or story from childhood? Maybe you dreamed of being a knight or princess in a magical castle. Or did you dream of having a farm like Old MacDonald? Maybe you just wanted to click a pair of shiny red shoes together and be … [Read More...]