The Only Vacation Planning Tip You’ll Ever Need

Last Updated on August 12, 2014 by Jody Halsted

The Only Vacation Planning Tip You'll Ever Need So, you’ve been scouring family travel blogs to find the perfect destination for your family. And you think you’ve found it.

The place where your family vacation dreams will come true.

But is it really a good fit for your family? How do you figure it out?

The Best Vacation Planning Tip Ever

Of course you can leave a comment on the blog post with questions – and the author will get back to you with as much information as they can.

Or you can check review sites like Trip Advisor and Mini Time.

But to really get a handle on a place from people who know it inside and out? ]

You go to the CVB.

What is a CVB?

Very simply, CVB stands for Convention and Visitors Bureau, and it exists solely to assist visitors like you – to help you find the best activities, lodging, and dining.

How do I find a CVB?

It’s quite simple, actually – just use your favorite search engine (I like Bing) and enter {place name} tourism or {place name} visitors bureau.

Large, popular locations may show multiple tourism sites. Do your best to find the official site as other sites are often maintained by advertising or a tourism company and will give biased results.

Example: claims to be the official Eureka Springs website. But it’s not- as is quickly apparent by the website itself. is the official CVB website, maintained by the Eureka Springs City Advertising & Promotion Commission. And they are very helpful – I called them twice – and spent a few hours on their website- when I was planning a large family gathering.

How Do I Use a CVB to help me Plan a Vacation?

Most CVB websites will direct you to attractions, lodging, and activities, and many will offer itinerary suggestions specific to families.

But if you’re really overwhelmed, the CVB offers direct help that is only a phone call or an email away.

In addition to assisting with itinerary planning, local CVBs often have discount booklets and special savings in the office – so be sure to get the address and stop in at the office as your vacation begins!

Have you ever contacted a CVB or used a CVB website prior to your vacation? Or was this information new to you? 

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  1. Jody,
    Thanks for sharing this vacation planning trip. I hadn’t thought of checking with the visitor’s bureau before I get to my destination. I have often visited the CVB to get pamphlets and brochures on things in the area, but only ever once I have reached my destination. This is a great idea!

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