Ireland’s Historic Science Centre at Birr Castle in Ireland

When people think of visiting Ireland it is for the dramatic landscapes and castles.  If history is considered, it has more to do with ruins than science.  Few people realize how many scientific discoveries were made in Ireland… many of them at Birr Castle in County Offaly.

The Great Telescope at Birr Castle Demense
For nearly a century the Great Telescope at Birr Castle was the largest in the world

Housed in the estates converted stables is Ireland’s Historic Science Centre.  Galleries are spread throughout the rooms, sharing the achievements of scientists and engineers closely associated with Birr over the past 2 centuries; most of whom were part of the family of the Earls of Rosse.  You’ll learn about the design, creation and discoveries of the Great Telescope- which still stands on the grounds; view the pioneering photography of  Mary Countess of Rosse- as well as her cameras;  and learn about Sir Charles Parsons who invented the steam turbine.  

After all that science, it’s almost relaxing to walk into the final galleries which focus on the family’s horticultural pursuits, including plants collected from around the world and the amazing gardens.

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