Florida Holidays on a Budget

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On the south-east coast of the United States, Florida and, more specifically, Orlando, has been a thriving tourist hotspot for years. The area has a stunning climate and is the indisputable capital of the amusement park and, as such, attracts plenty of visitors every summer. You could be forgiven for thinking that a Florida holiday with all the trimmings would mean having to remortgage the house but it is possible to find cheap holidays here too. As you will see, there’s plenty to do in Orlando and Florida for you and the kids that won’t set you back by much, as well as plenty of activities that are completely free!

Cinderella's Castle, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

If the theme parks, the main two being Disney World and Universal Studios, are a must on your family’s holiday checklist, make sure to buy your tickets online. The best deals for Universal Studios can always be found on their website.

If you’re dying for the Walt Disney World experience but just can’t afford it, try a trip to the Downtown Disney Marketplace and Boardwalk. These areas have the Disney feel without the ticket price. There are restaurants here for every budget, performances going on in the streets and the wonderful Lego Imagination Center where the kids can see huge Disney replicas built entirely of Lego or even build their own creations. You can also watch the famous Magic Kingdom fireworks without ever having to enter the park. The Transportation and Ticket Center is the best spot to get a clear, free view of the pyrotechnics on display.

For the parents, you could head downtown to the Grand Bohemian Gallery, where entry is free and you can see European paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries. Or you could hire a car. Booking Car hire in Orlando with Expedia can be a good idea, and a car will allow you to see some of the sights outside the more expensive city. Once you have your car, you can head to Winter Park, not far from Orlando, in Orange County. Here you can visit the Morse Museum of American Art during the day, which houses the world’s largest collection of Tiffany glass. Check for special opening hours when admission is free. Then, if you time your trip right, head to the city’s central park where, on the second Thursday of every month, Popcorn Flicks shows a free classic film. Alternatively, you could head out to Big Tree Park for a picnic and hike up to see “The Senator”; a cypress tree that’s over 129 feet tall and about 3,500 years old!

Another car journey you should take is to Spook Hill in Lake Wales. If you park your car on the allotted space here, put it in neutral, and release the handbrake, you and the kids will be spooked by the sensation of your car rolling uphill…

Florida beach

Of course, no Florida holiday would be complete without a trip to the beach and there are plenty to choose from all along the coast, and all for free!

You’ll find some fantastic deals on hotels in Orlando too. Book before you go and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you’re having a full-on Orlando holiday at a fraction of the cost.

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