Creating a Scrapbook in Your Bullet Journal

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Time flies when you’re having fun (or are just plain busy). Sometimes it seems like life is passing us by and it’s hard to look back and remember all the amazing little things that have happened to us even just a few months ago. With a few little tweaks you can create a scrapbook in your Bullet Journal. You’ll love thumbing through the pages in years to come and reliving the memories.

Scrapbook in your Bullet Journal
The Bullet Journal is so incredibly versatile! Planner, notebook, and even scrapbook! Tips to make your BuJo a memory keeper!

This is my favorite part! Here are three ways to scrapbook in your bullet journal:

Look Back And Reflect

Bullet Journal Future Log
The Future Log is a great way to remember the fun you’ve had!

Even without any special entries, your bullet journal will be a great tool to walk back in time. Seeing your past entry about booking a hotel will remind you of a special family trip, or the “Take bikes for spring tune up” task may remind you how much your family enjoyed cycling together. Without paying any special attention to recording memorable events, your journal will already act as a memory keeper for you.

Make Note Of Daily Little Events You Want To Remember

Life recorded in my Bullet Journal
Life recorded in my Bullet Journal

Wrap up each day by adding a little note, or even just a bullet or two about memorable things that happened today that you want to remember down the road. If you have kids, you may want to record their accomplishments or funny things they said. It’s up to you what you write and in what format. If you’re so inclined, add a picture, draw something, or stick in a memento. For example, you could include a movie ticket stub or dinner receipt. Looking back and remembering the ‘little things’ is a great joy- especially on days when life doesn’t feel so fabulous.

Add Memory Pages

Bullet Journaling for vacation memories!
The Bullet Journal is perfect for jotting down vacation memories!

You could decide to add dedicated memory pages to your journal. Think of them as little scrapbook pages. How you design them is entirely up to you. Do what’s fun. It could mean making a traditional scrapbook page with photos and washi tape, it could mean writing a short essay, or it could be a page of doodles and words that represent things you want to remember from the month.

Remember this is your journal and there’s no right or wrong way to use it as a memory keeper. Figure out a way that makes sense for you. As an added bonus this focus on recording little memories will make you live in the moment and help you appreciate the fun and interesting little things that happen every day.

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