Food Trails in Indiana | Exploring the Midwest Podcast Episode 25

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This month on the podcast I am celebrating the taste of the Midwest.

Yep- it’s all about the FOOD.

I really think you can learn a lot about a place by tasting their traditions – which is why I love food trails! So it seemed only right to kick off the month in Indiana – which has 21 food trails! 

My guests today are Lindsey Skeen, Marketing and Media Director at the Indiana Foodways Alliance and Amy Howell, Director of Communications for Visit Indiana.

Hoosier Pie

Food Trails in Indiana

Indiana Foodways Alliance is a membership marketing organization that highlights unique and popular foods in Indiana. Approximately 260 locally-owned restaurants are part of the organization, and are marketed through 21 different food trails.

The Indiana Foodways Alliance created food trails to highlight foods popular along the I-69 corridor. It expanded to become a statewide organization that shares the best foods across Indiana.

A sampling of food trails in Indiana

  • Between the Buns Burger Trail
  • Farm to Table
  • Hoosier Brews
  • Hoosier Pie
  • Soda-licious Trail
  • Tenderloin Lovers
  • Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Most produce in these restaurants is locally sourced; a ‘farm to table’ experience, even if it isn’t advertised in that way.

Tenderloin Lovers

Using the Indiana Foodways Alliance Website

Instead of ‘following a trail’ the Indiana Foodways Alliance website is designed to help you find the best local meals for an area you are visiting.

Begin on the Culinary Trails page and choose the food you want. Click through that trail and you can preview all the restaurants as well as view their locations on a map.

Choose based on your location or plan a trip around a specific restaurant – then use the other culinary trails to round out your culinary journey.

Green River and Banana Split

The Indiana Culinary Trails Passport

Visit Indiana, in partnership with the Indiana Foodways Alliance, has just released the Indiana Culinary Trails Passport. This mobile application can show you all the stops on the food trails in Indiana, offers deals & discounts, and the opportunity to earn some fun Indiana foodie swag!

33_Brick_Street_Burger_Indiana Foodways_Allaince
33 Brick Street Burger

Taste Indiana!

Get more information about Indiana Foodways Alliance and plan your culinary adventure at

Plan the rest of you Indiana travel at

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