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Create an Irish Pub Atmosphere at Home

Last Updated on February 16, 2015 by Jody Halsted

Irish Pub Food
St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching.  Unfortunately, I won’t find myself anywhere near Ireland this year (though that is on my bucket list of fun family vacations!)

What I will be doing, however, is hosting our annual Feast of St Patrick.  Complete with corned beef, black pudding, tasty Colcannon and numerous other treats, I’ll be creating an Irish Pub at home and inviting friends and relatives to join us for an evening of craic (pronounced “crack”, it’s Irish for fun and entertainment).

How to Bring the Spirit of Ireland Home and Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Kids

To say I adore Ireland is to put it mildly.  If I could live anywhere, that is where you would find me.  So when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around, I tend to go “all out”, creating an Irish Pub atmosphere in my home- complete with plenty of food and drink, music and craic (said “crack”, it’s Irish for fun and entertainment). Not everyone is quite as fanatical as I am, but there are a few easy ways to bring a festive Irish spirit to your home because “everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!”

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Need some recipes?  You can get my Favorite Irish Recipes ebook free at Ireland With Kids!

For more inspiration check out my St. Patrick’s Day Goodies Pinterest board!

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