Welcome! I’m Jody!

Jody Halsted is an award-winning writer and podcaster specializing in Ireland, RVing, and Midwest travel.

Based in the Midwest, Jody is a rambling soul who would love nothing more than to call her RV home, but until then she ‘lives the dream’ in Iowa with her husband and two daughters (along with a small menagerie of furry friends). Never one to follow the path most traveled, the family’s adventures usually involve quite a bit of driving, a lot of hiking, and some sort of meal cooked over fire.

Jody travels to Ireland annually, usually for weeks or months at a time, and has become an oft-cited and well-known resource on Irish tourism, travel in Ireland, and Ireland family travel. Often exploring places most tourists -and many locals!- have never heard of, Jody assists hundreds of families, groups, and couples with their Ireland vacation plans each year.

You can email Jody directly at [email protected].

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  • Beach One
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  • Beach Three
  • Beach Four
  • Beach Five

Places to stay

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  • Stay Three
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  • Place One
  • Place Two
  • Place Three
  • Place Four
  • Place Five

Hiking Trails

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  • Trail Three
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