Mark’s Feed Store in Louisville, Kentucky : It Feels Like Home

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Even on the road, you find places that feel just like home. Louisville, Kentucky is certainly a home away from home to my family. The scenery and hospitality of Kentucky provide us with a lovely escape from the rush of suburbia in the Chicago area.

A family trip to Kentucky is certainly never complete without the food! If you are looking for some fabulous, down home comfort food, you will find it in Kentucky. My family and I are huge BBQ fans, so missing out on BBQ in Kentucky is a no-no! Over the years, we have totally fallen in love with Mark’s Feed Store in Louisville. Since discovering it, we savor a meal there every visit to Louisville. We even took a detour on a trip to another destination to eat there. Delicious!

A Perfect Food Stop For Families

Mark’s Feed Store is an ideal family travel food stop. We love that it is unique to the area, extremely reasonably priced and simple with large portions and a menu to please everyone. Plus, Adam Richman (Man vs. Food) lists Mark’s Feed as one of his area picks, so how can you go wrong?

The restaurant sports a simple, rustic atmosphere. The staffs treats you like an old friend. No pretention here! The ambiance is perfectly comfortable for those with kids. You will immediately notice three bottles of BBQ sauce on the table. I love that the bottles are right there so you can try all of the sauces if you would like or just load up on a favorite if you desire! I usually sample each and then hone in on one for most of the meal.

Simple, Delicious Food

Pork, chicken, brisket, salads, chicken fingers, fish, burgers and more—while the food is simple, there is quite a bit to choose from. When I eat at Mark’s Feed, I gravitate towards the honeywings or chicken sandwich. The honeywings are perfectly sweet yet sticky. Smoked for hours, the chicken is incredibly tender. On our most recent visit, I had one of the “lite” meals. As you see by these pictures, my meal was more than adequate.

Pulled Chicken sandwich at Mark's Feed Store, Louisville, Kentucky
The ‘Lite” Pulled Chicken sandwich also comes with a baked sweet potato and coleslaw!

My husband devoured his pulled pork sandwich. Once again, hours of smoking had made the meat beautifully tender. Yum!

Pulled Pork Sandwich meal at Mark's Feed Store, Louisville, Kentucky
Puled pork sandwich and sides

There are several selections for dessert. However, you cannot miss out on a slice of the buttermilk pie. Talk about sweet yet very addictive!

Mark’s Feed has special weekly deals including free dessert on Mondays and free kids’ meals on Tuesdays.  When traveling on a budget, every deal helps! Mark’s Feed also has a separate kids’ menu, making choices for the little ones easier.

Visit Mark’s Feed Stores in Different Louisville Locations and Bring Back a Tasty Souvenir

There are several Mark’s Feed Store locations in Louisville. We frequent the location on Bardstown Road in the Highlands. The Highlands actually is a neat place to explore with shops, attractions and some amazing houses. After eating at Mark’s Feed, we sometimes enjoy looking at the homes in the area.

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During our most recent visit, we finally remembered to pick up a bottle of Mark’s Feed Store’s Hot Bar-B-Q Sauce to bring home. Each bottle is less than $4. A souvenir that affordable is unheard of! What a tasty souvenir to bring home until our next visit to Mark’s Feed Store!

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