The Oklahoma Aquarium in Tulsa: An Afternoon of Family Fun

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We often make the drive from Dallas to Des Moines in one fell swoop- 12 straight hours of driving with short breaks. After discovering the fun family activities in Tulsa we may never drive straight through again!

Visiting the Oklahoma Aquarium

Oklahoma Aquarium Tulsa
Oklahoma Aquarium

A family can spend most of an afternoon here. The Oklahoma Aquarium is one of the few Midwest aquariums with salt water fish and a walk through shark tunnel.

I recommend walking the long, nautical hallway to the sharks and working your way back to the entrance. The Oklahoma Aquarium has dozens of nooks to explore and this may be the best way to ensure that you see it all.

Top 10 Things to Do at the Oklahoma Aquarium

    1. Take a fun photo in the shark cage. With sharks “circling” above this is a fun photo opp! Then enter the shark adventure to let sharks “circle” you for real!

      Shark Tank Oklahoma Aquarium
      Shark Tank!
    2. Feed the turtles. For a small fee you can buy carrot shreds and borrow long sticks with clips at the end- you don’t want your fingers too close to the turtle’s sharp beak.
    3. Get touchy feel-y. Multiple touch stations get you up close & personal with sharks, rays, shrimp, crabs and more.

      Touch Tanks at Oklahoma Aquarium
      Touch Tanks of sharks, rays, crabs and more
    4. Giggle at the antics of river otters. If you can, be there for the daily feeding at 3pm. The Ozark Stream also has a camera that allows you to see inside the beaver’s den.
    5. Find the fish that breathes air!
    6. Listen closely for the electric eel’s current. Eels are fed Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2:15pm- definitely worth seeing if you are there!
    7. Find Nemo. And Dory. Learn to say anemone.

      Colorful Reef Fish Oklahoma Aquarium
      Nemo, Dory & more Underwater Friends
    8. See the diver in the coral reef daily at 3:30pm.
    9. Find the starfish with more than 5 legs! Or find the starfish’s mouth- that’s really cool, too!
    10. Wrestle and alligator outside. OK, so it’s just a statue of an alligator, but it makes for some really great photos.

      Alligator Wrestling Oklahoma Aquarium
      Alligator Wrestling!

The Oklahoma Aquarium is just one of many fun family activities in Tulsa. We can’t wait to experience more in the future!

Have you visited the Oklahoma Aquarium? What was your favorite feature?

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Thank you to Visit Tulsa for providing my family with aquarium tickets!

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  1. How fun! There’s a chance we’ll be in Tulsa later this year. If so, we will definitely check out the aquarium! My daughter also is REALLY into “Finding Nemo” right now; this would be perfect!

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