A Few Omni Hotel Ghost Stories

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My family has had the privilege of staying in a few Omni hotels this year (the Majestic in St. Louis, the Omni Chicago Hotel and, just last week, the Mandalay in Dallas).  Our stays have been marked by some unexpected events- remember the blizzaster of 2011?-  but we’ve not had experiences like these…

Rooms with a Boo

Omni Parker House Lobby
Omni Parker House Lobby

The historic, and some say haunted, Omni Parker House in Boston prides itself on customer service. However, some guests may get more than they bargained for when the ghost of Harvey Parker, the hotel’s founder, materializes in certain guest rooms to inquire about their stay. In addition, elevators at the Omni Parker House have been known to travel to the third floor – where novelist Charles Dickens once lived – without a single button being pushed. Spooky!

Paladian Ballroom Omni Shoreham
Paladian Ballroom at Omni Shoreham

Guests can sleep at their own risk in the Omni Shoreham Hotel’s “Ghost Suite” in Washington, DC. Those who have dared to do so, have reported televisions and lights turning on by themselves in the middle of the night, while guests in adjacent rooms have heard loud noises coming from the suite – all while it was unoccupied.

The Cave Omni Mount Washington Resort
The Cave at Mount Washington Resort

Book a night at the Omni Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods, NH, and you might awake to find the widow of the hotel’s first owner, a socialite named Princess Carolyn, at the foot of the bed, lost in thought as she brushes her hair. Princess Carolyn’s spirit is believed to watch over the hotel which was built for her, knocking politely on doors, and visiting the ornate maple four-poster bed in room 314, which traveled around the world with her.

Special Offers and Memorable Stays

I linked each hotel listed above to it’s “special offers” page.  You’ll find great deals on packages that include skiing, historic tours and shopping.  My family highly recommends Omni Hotels for spectacular customer service and terrific kid friendly amenities.  Every stay an an Omni Hotel is memorable- even if it doesn’t include a ghostly visit!

Thank you to Omni Hotels for sharing these ghost stories!

Omni Hotels is a Family Rambling travel partner; I was not compensated for this post. 

Images provided by Omni Hotels.

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