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Travel Tip: Bring Baby Wipes

My girls are long past the “baby” stage, but a packet of baby wipes accompanies us on every trip we take.  Well, to be more precise, we use Kirkland (Costco) Moist Flushable Wipes , but, essentially, the same thing.  As any parent of babies and toddlers knows, you don’t just use baby wipes for diaper duty.  Nope, you use them to clean sticky hands, wipe down table tops, quick-clean messy faces, wash goop off car seats, clear small spills….   The list goes on and on.

I use the Kirkland brand for a couple of reasons: 1) They come in bulk and, when I buy them from Costco, they are under $2 per solo pack & 2) The solo packs are easy to pack and don’t take much room.  As my youngest prefers to “feel clean” after she poos- and hotel toilet paper usually leaves much to be desired- these accompany us on every trip, both in the car and in the luggage.

If you’re traveling with kids, a pack of wipes should never be far away!

Halloween Deals at The Sanctuary in NYC

Halloween is my favorite holiday… If it’s yours, this deal may be just up your dark & spooky alley.  Note:  This is not a deal for families with young kids, but teens would probably love it!

Halloween is a time for sweets, spookiness, and fun. At the Sanctuary Hotel we offer all of that, plus luxurious accommodations that will make this Halloween a memorable one. The Haunted Hotel package includes:

·        Tour of the city in a hearse, highlighting everything from haunted buildings to where famous mobsters got whacked.

·         A basket of sweet treats from Dylan’s Candy Bar in your room

·         A classic horror film screening in the hotel lobby on Halloween Eve, complete with popcorn and candy

Stay dates: October 29 to November 4. Rates starting at $554 per night for up to 2 adults and there is a 1-week cancellation period. This package is subject to availability and does not reflect taxes. Gratuity not included. This exclusive offer includes complimentary continental breakfast buffet, free WiFi and passes to Equinox gym. Only valid when booking online at

Win a Taste of ‘The Great River Road’

The Mississippi River flows from Minnesota to Louisiana, before exiting into the ocean.  Along the way, it passes through or past 10 states- each with their own terrific tastes and cuisines.

Click Image to Enter Contest

Food is a distinctive part of the culture along the Mississippi River. Now, you can take home one of 10 gift baskets full of delicious food from each of the 10 states along the Great River Road National Scenic Byway to sample for yourself.

My understanding is that there are 10 prizes- a basket filled with goodies, one from each state.  Yum!

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