True Love Can Be Bought

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge my3boybarians.comThis week’s P52 theme is “true love” to – obviously – coincide with Valentine’s Day.

Because this is a travel site I’m going to toss in a tip…  If your child has a favorite ‘cuddle buddy’ be sure to bring it when you travel.  No matter where you are it will feel like home with a best friend along.

My eldest, Brenna, had never formed a lasting attachment to any of the adorable ‘stuffies’ she had crowding the foot of her bed.  She didn’t really care about cuddling any of them…  Until we relocated to Scituate back in 2009.  Each day, as we took Doug to catch the train to Boston we passed an art studio.  One day we stopped and Brenna fell in love.

Brenna & BunBun

‘BunBun’ is a “velveteen rabbit” created by Donna Green, a spectacular artist whose illustrations of The Velveteen Rabbit are breathtakingly beautiful.  ‘BunBun’ sleeps with Brenna every night- no matter where we are- accompanies her downstairs every morning and patiently waits for her to return from school daily.  I have no doubt that she is so loved as to, one day, become real.

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  1. That is a great tip and it does work, but there is a counterpoint – don’t leave the toy on holiday. If you do that then it undoes a whole lot of good work.

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