Make the Kids Think of You While You’re Gone

Last Updated on April 7, 2010 by Jody Halsted

As much as I am looking forward to getting away from my family for a few days and having “me” time there is one thing that breaks my heart when I’m gone.  My girls usually can’t be bothered to talk to me on the phone.  It’s not that they don’t miss me (or maybe they don’t) but at 3 and 5 talking on the phone doesn’t rank high on their priority list.

To let the girls know that I am thinking of them even while I’m away I bought a few things while I was at Target today:

Nothing expensive- everything but the t-shirts came from the Dollar Spot (and the t’s were only $3.99).  Hair ties, headbands, gummy fruit, socks, hair brushes…  All the things my girls like.  I’ve got them bagged and ready for Doug to give them one for each day I’m gone.

Maybe they’ll at least get on the phone to say thank you.

Do you do anything special for your children while you are away?

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  1. For long trips when we leave the kids with my parent’s we wrap countdown prizes to make it seem like less time until we get home! Since we both travel a lot for business, our boys are pretty good at getting on the phone for a few minutes to say hi and I love you, but we do leave little gifts behind and spending money for an extra special lunch with grandma (she watches them during the day anyways)! Plus, we always, always, always, bring them something small home – a book, a hot wheel (boys), legos, so that they know we thought of them while we were gone!

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