Visiting Dave Ramsey at Financial Peace Plaza in Nashville, TN

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It’s rather fitting, I think, that sharing my most popular post of 2012 should fall on New Year’s Day, the day when we embrace a new start and set goals.

Meeting Dave RamseyThe post that topped all in 2012 was also the most viewed post of 2011 and 2010.  Apparently visiting Dave Ramsey at Financial Peace Plaza is a goal for many of us.  And, thanks to my good friend (and the most fabulous hostess to be found in the South) Martha Thompson, I have a gift to get one family on the right track for 2013.   More on that at the end of the post…

I’ve made it a point to visit Financial Peace Plaza every time I am in Nashville, and while small changes happen, visiting remains the same.  Martha greets visitors with a smile and offers of treats.  The seating is comfortable and the shop is filled with books, DVDs and all manner of inspirational material.  So enjoy a short tour of Financial Peace Plaza, as seen through my eyes nearly 3 years ago.  Then come back and enter for your own chance to “live like no one else”.

It may seem a bit peculiar at first glance for a traveler to visit a place where debt is dumb and cash is king.  After all, many people run up credit card bills to take the vacation of their dreams.  We were once the same.

Walking into the building is almost like entering a coffee shop.  Tables, chairs,and even a couch are set up to make the area inviting for visitors.  You can watch Dave in his studio through a large window or on a television, which also shows the line up of callers and how much time before commercial break.

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Are you ready to “Live Like No One Else” and get control of your finances?

My family are big fans of Dave Ramsey.  We utilize his budgeting forms and have made many adjustments to live like no one else.  His common sense teaching has made us think about how we spend our money and it helps us focus on what matters to us- and not what the person sitting next to us at a stoplight may think of our 7 year old mini van.  It is this way of thinking and budgeting that allows us to travel as much as we do.

Do you want the same kind of freedom?  A freedom from debt and the slavery that ties you to mega banks and credit card companies?  You can start your baby steps with the Marriage & Money Bundle, a set of 6 items to help strengthen your marriage and get your finances on track.

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  1. I do want that freedom, and I think that 2013 will be the year that my husband and I actively work on it. I’m so excited! Glad Melanie let me know about this giveaway.

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