Why I Decided to Have My DNA Tested

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I’m going to honest… people who move forward in life with no questions about the past confuse me. How can you not want to know, to understand, why things and people are the way they are? Is there a reason hidden somewhere in time? What brought me to the point I am today? History? Circumstance? Genetics?

The answer is likely a bit of all three, with other bits I haven’t thought of yet mixed in to muddy the waters.

Why I Decided to Have My DNA Tested

I had thought about having my DNA tested for years, but always pushed it back.

I told myself I didn’t have the time to follow up on any results.

Spoiler: I still don’t! My job and family keep me busier than I ever thought they could. But ‘no time’ is a crappy reason for not doing anything.

I told myself the results really wouldn’t change who I am.

Spoiler: So far they haven’t.

I told myself that I wasn’t likely to find out anything I didn’t already have vague knowledge of.

Spoiler: I have found a few surprises so far!

So why did I finally decide to have my DNA tested? Because the idea of solving the riddle of my own genetics, the stories I hope to learn along the way, and the people I hope to discover were finally too strong to say no to.

Who Do I Think I Am?

Why, yes, I do love genealogy shows.

So, who am I? That’s kind of the big question.

I know half of who I am.

I was raised by my mother and step dad in an average home in rural Iowa.

But my father’s side of the family remains a mystery.

I have no illusions about my birth father. By all accounts he was more than a bit of a bastard. Beyond that, he is dead, as are his parents.

But I know he had other children. Which means I have half-siblings.

I honestly don’t have any grand desire to set myself into their lives, either. In fact, I doubt they know I exist. And, for the most part, it will likely remain that way.

My interest is further back. Grandparents, great grandparents… their history and stories.

On my maternal side I’m looking past those points to multiple greats, and trying to find direct links to Ireland. (I love Ireland!)

What Companies I Used to Have MY DNA Tested

When deciding to have my DNA tested I looked at quite a few available options. I settled on two:

Ancestry DNA and 23andMe

I chose to do two DNA tests for a couple of reasons: I wanted to see how similar the results would be and they each offered something a little different. I also had an Ancestry account (though it had lapsed) and had a bit of work already done, which also influenced my decision for that DNA test.

Ordering DNA Tests

Ordering the DNA tests couldn’t have been easier. A few clicks online and done!

And then the wait for the tests to arrive!

Next: Getting the DNA Test Kits and Preparing the Samples!

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