Visiting Dave Ramsey at Financial Peace Plaza in Brentwood, Tennessee

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Live like no one else so later you can live like no one else.
~Dave Ramsey

It may seem a bit peculiar at first glance for a traveler to visit a place where debt is dumb and cash is king.  After all, many people run up credit card bills to take the vacation of their dreams.  We were once the same.

I was recently in Nashville for a conference and couldn’t resist making the short drive out to Brentwood to meet Dave Ramsey and see him do the radio show live.

Before you go I strongly suggest contacting Financial Peace Plaza to make sure Dave will be in when you want to visit.  The office building is very easy to get to, though I was a bit nervous before heading in.  It’s not everyday you meet someone who has impacted your life as much as Dave has impacted ours.

Walking into the building is almost like entering a coffee shop.  Tables, chairs,and even a couch are set up to make the area inviting for visitors.  You can watch Dave in his studio through a large window or on a television, which also shows the line up of callers and how much time before commercial break.

Financial Peace Plaza- Dave Ramsey Show

To complete the coffee shop feel enter “Martha’s Place”.  Drinks and tasty goodies made by Martha Thompson,director of guest relations, are the perfect accompaniment to Dave’s financial advice.  Or take some time to wander around the small shop.  All of Dave’s books are available here, as are his financial tools, accessories and books he recommends from other authors.

Martha at Financial Peace PlazaIf she isn’t too busy take time to chat with Martha.  Her warm personality will instantly draw you in.  Martha is very interested in hearing your “coming to Dave” stories and your tales of debt- and, hopefully, of your freedom from debt.  In all honesty I think I may have enjoyed my time with Martha more than I enjoyed meeting Dave.  Of course I spent much more time with Martha…  She exudes southern charm and hospitality and you can feel that you are an honored guest.

The day I visited Martha had a few minutes and gave me a tour.  First stop : the control room and a quick introduction to Blake, Matt and Laura.

Control Room Financial Peace Plaza

The timing was perfect and Dave was getting ready for a break.  Martha took me around the corner and slowly opened the door.  Getting the “ok” from Dave, she led me into the studio and I got to meet Dave Ramsey.  It was, obviously, a short meeting.  I *think* I thanked Dave for all his advice and teaching.  Before leaving Martha snapped a picture of me with Dave.

Me and Dave Ramsey

Martha then continued the behind-the-scenes tour showing me photos, employee areas, sharing perks of working at LAMPO and pointing out Dave’s new Marconi Award.

Dave Ramsey's Marconi Award

Behind the reception desk in the lobby are a selection of Dave’s favorite quotes.  If you listen to either of Dave’s shows you are sure to know a few of them.

While Financial Peace Plaza isn’t a destination on everyone’s Nashville itinerary it’s definitely a great stop for a boost of inspiration and a kick in the pants if you are working to become debt free.

For an amazing stay in Nashville I highly recommend the Opryland Hotel.  It’s in no way a “budget” hotel but it is incredible.

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  1. Too cool!! We are already thinking about a vacation to Nashville with the trip centering around a visit to Financial Peace Plaza within the next year. How awesome!

    1. BTW…. I was brought to your post here by Blake, as he put up a link to it from Dave’s Facebook page.

  2. Once you get Dave Ramsey in your system, you’re never the same again.
    Now when I pass up something I really wanted ( but really didn’t need ) I say * wow, look how much I saved * instead of wishing I had bought it.
    I never buy anything anymore without Dave standing over my shoulder 🙂

  3. You are one lucky girl! I am a huge fan of Dave’s and even though I live in Minneapolis, I often wonder how I could get to Nashville with my teenage boys to meet Dave and the crew.
    Thanks for sharing the experience and CONGRATS on getting it picked up and distributed across Facebook!

  4. Nice story! My wife and I have been on the DR program for several years. We attended Entreleadership in Cancun last November. I highly recommend it.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Very nice. Thank you for sharing your experience meeting Dave at Financial Peace Plaza.

    After reading this I told my wife when we’re debt free we should make a trek to Nashville and call Dave’s show from the lobby like someone else did recently. It would be a great reward vacation.

  6. Hey there J. What a fun addition to your Nashville trip. Reminds me that I haven’t listened to Dave in a while and it’s always an educational and humorous podcast!

    spring is coming,
    tamara b

  7. I would love to see financial peace plazaand to work there would be the ultimate job. keep it up dave there’s a special place for you in heaven..

  8. Dave Ramsey is a truly a life saver. I was literally on the verge of taking my own life over my debt. My life insurance was the only way I seen as a way out for my family. Thanks to the Dave’s ministry, I found a way out. My marriage is stronger than ever, we have hope for the future, and one year to go till we make the trip to Nashville to do the debt free scream.

  9. Dave Ramsey Rocks! Great post! Shaytards on YouTube Sent me here, you will probably be getting alot of traffice soon 🙂

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