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It is rare for us to pass through southern Missouri and not stop at Lambert’s. At the ‘Home of Throwed Rolls’, you are ensured to leave full and happy.

Dining at Lambert’s – a Photo Essay

Lambert's, Ozark, MO
Just off Hwy 65, between Springfield and Branson, Missouri.
A few options at Lambert's
As you approach the doors, the windows offer a few dining options – some not found on many restaurant menus.
Cocoa at Lambert's
Portion sizes are large. Even the drinks. This mug of cocoa dwarfs the honey bear.

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Then there’s the “throwed rolls” thing…  As soon as you hear “hot rolls!”, heads turn and hands go up.


Eating at Lambert's
You’ll have plenty to eat. Tasty, home cookin’. Smoked pork, chicken fried steak, meatloaf, chicken & dumplings…
Pass Arounds at Lambert's
Just in case you need a bit more… the ‘pass arounds’ are delivered with a smile. Fried okra, fried potatoes, black eyed peas and macaroni with tomatoes.
The line at Lambert's
We arrived (this time) when the restaurant opened. When we left, the line had grown. Lambert’s can have waits up to 2 hours during the busiest times.
At Lambert's, Ozark, MO
But there is usually someone to keep you company….

A few tips for dining at Lambert’s

  • If you plan to eat at a busy meal time (lunch, dinner), arrive a bit before. Arriving exactly at meal time will guarantee a wait. We have found that arriving when the restaurant opens or mid-afternoon to be best.
  • While large portions usually mean sharing, it is discouraged at Lambert’s. But they do offer to-go boxes (and the food is just as tasty the next day).
  • Lambert’s does serve dessert. We have never ordered it.
  • Lambert’s does not accept credit cards. There is an ATM on site. 
  • Not near Ozark, MO? Lambert’s has a couple other locations you can visit.
  • About those rolls…  they are hot, so be prepared when it comes at you. And your family won’t tease you (too much) if you miss.
Lambert’s is just minutes from Springfield, Missouri.

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