Eureka! It’s Our Favorite Place to Vacation in Arkansas!

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When our family travels take us south it’s inevitable that one location will be mentioned.

It’s a place that, time and again, has impressed our family with it’s quirky mix of people, it’s incredible food, and it’s spectacular natural scenery.

Whether traveling through for a week or a day, a vacation in Arkansas just isn’t complete for us without a visit to Eureka Springs.

An Ozark Vacation in Arkansas

From exciting adventures like ziplining and ghost tours to exploring Eureka Springs shops and restaurants, this historic spa town will enchant your family.

The stately Victorian houses share space with quirky works of art in Eureka Springs. Vacation in Arkansas.
The stately Victorian houses share space with quirky works of art in Eureka Springs.


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There are some places that just beg you to return to them year round. For my family, that spot is Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

A charming mix of Ozark Mountain town, Victorian Spa escape, and eclectic art community make Eureka Springs a fun – and funky- getaway.

Our daily explorations exposed the diversity of this Ozark resort area.

The town, incorporated in 1880, was built around the healing nature of the hot springs, which gurgle through the rocky terrain throughout town. Today the entire city on the National Register of Historic Places. Walking through town you’ll find that little has changed, visually, since the town was built. Beautifully crafted buildings of limestone and native woods are built into cliff sides while stately Victorian homes sit atop the bluffs, overlooking all below.

Eureka Springs is best explored on foot. Bring good walking shoes as this is no regular town! Paved sidewalks, steep stairs between buildings, and even forested pathways lead you up and down the steep Ozark hills, past the small parks built where springs gurgle forth, and to brightly painted store fronts with large shop windows where eclectic displays drew us through the doors. My tip: take the shuttle to the Crescent Hotel which overlooks the town and let your explorations take you downhill.

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