The Most Magical Ireland Castle Itinerary for Families

Ireland is my happy place. It’s the place I go every chance I get. Where my belief in magic is revitalized. Where my imagination comes to life. And where I hope to live in content semi-retirement (sooner rather than later).

Ross Castle, Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland
Ross Castle, Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland

Over at my site Ireland Family Vacations I work hard to inspire families to plan their own Ireland vacation- and this Ireland castle itinerary is perfect for creating your own magical trip!

7 Castles in 7 Days: A Tour of Ireland for Knights & Princesses

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Ireland is a magical land perfect for family travel. As your plane touches down, the shimmer of the raindrop covered grass may convince you that emeralds cover the hilltops. Every turn you take along the ancient, winding roads is more magnificent than the next. And absolutely anything is possible.

The average length of an Ireland family vacation is 9 days – including flight days. This seven-day Ireland castle itinerary works best if you arrive in Dublin and depart from Shannon (or vice versa), though arrival and departure from a single airport can work as well.

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