Enticing the Faeries at Frazee Gardens in Brownsburg, Indiana

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Our many thanks to Frazee Gardens in Brownsburg, Indiana, for showing us how to create gardens the faeries will will love to visit!

At 8 and 10 my girls still believe in faeries. Since their first encounter in Ireland when they were just toddlers, my girls find proof of the ‘little people’ nearly everywhere. It’s a belief I encourage as I think children are made to grow up and leave ‘childish things’ behind far too quickly. Besides, I still believe in faeries….

Because we spend quite a bit of time camping, the girls can often be found constructing faerie houses of natural products – twigs and leaves provide shelter, large flat rocks are perfect for tables, and acorn caps make wonderful bowls. If they search extra hard, bits of moss may create a plush carpet, or small flowers may be used for decoration. Limited only by their imagination, quiet hours can be spent designing a house fit for the faeries.

Frazee gardens Fairy Garden
A Faerie Garden at Frazee Gardens in Brownsburg, Indiana

Gardens to Entice Our Faeries at Home

While the woodland faeries can be content with houses created of natural items, the girls really wanted to build faerie gardens for the fae who (undoubtedly) inhabit our small bird and butterfly garden. As I was perusing the Visit Hendricks County blog in advance of our end of summer visit, I made note of a Fairy Garden class and, with help from the CVB, was able to secure a class at Frazee Gardens in Brownsburg.

From the parking lot, Frazee Gardens looks like any other garden center; beautifully potted plants and relaxing benches sit at the shop’s entrance while the outdoor nursery entices with flowers in bloom.

It isn’t until you enter that you realize you haven’t entered a garden shop, but a inspirational center bursting with ideas for your home – indoors and out.

Inspiration at Frazee Gardens in Brownsburg, Indiana
Inspiration at Frazee Gardens

As Dottie, our faerie garden specialist, gathered the items we would need to create our hospitable hideaways, we browsed the store, gathering ideas and inspiration. With an entire corner dedicated to fairy gardens, the girls were overwhelmed with choices, while I roamed the rest of the store, mentally calculating how much room we had in the back of the car (alas, not much)

Building a Fairy Garden

Under Dottie’s watchful instruction, the girls began creating their fairy gardens in 12×12 wooden boxes. Beginning with a layer of stone at the base, for drainage, followed by potting soil.

Setting the base for the fairy garden
Setting the base for the fairy garden

Small plants, “fairy sized”, were added next, to give the ‘little people’ a bit of protection from sun and rain.

Adding plants to the fairy garden
Carefully chosen plants add just the right ambiance to the fairy garden

Then the fun began – creating an enticing getaway!

Creating a magical fairy garden
Adding blue stones to create ‘water’ in the fairy garden.

My youngest created a fun playground, complete with teeter-totter and swing, as well as a few friends to play with. My eldest built a campsite with a tent, fire pit, canoe, and (cuddly?) hedgehogs for company.

Completed fairy gardens
Perfectly enchanting fairy gardens.

It was great fun to watch the girls create their faerie hideaways and listen to the stories they wove as they worked. Next spring we plan to transplant our gardens from the boxes to broken birdbaths and large cracked planters to invoke an even more enchanting outing for our faerie friends.

Taking a Class at Frazee Gardens in Brownsburg, Indiana

Frazee Gardens offers everything you could possibly need to create your own relaxing space – indoors or out!

Classes and activities at Frazee Gardens in Brownsburg, Indiana
Classes and activities at Frazee Gardens

Use their online calendar to find class (and sale!) offerings, or call to inquire about upcoming classes and services (317) 858-8440.

Brownsburg is central to everything Hendricks County has to offer. Find Brownsburg hotels with a single click.

Thanks to Visit Hendricks County for arranging our Fairy Garden class!

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  1. Dottie is my mom! So happy you had a great time! Have a 2yr old & 8 month old. Can’t wait for them to create their own fairy gardens!

    1. We had a wonderful time chatting with Dottie about everything from gardening to raising kids to education. She made our experience so much fun and we learned a lot from her. She’s a terrific lady.

  2. Oh wow this looks so fun! My daughter is only 2.5 but she loves the fairies! This is not too terribly far of a day drive from us, maybe a camping trip is in order! Thank you so much for this! I really must check this out! I wanted to make a fairy garden this year for my daughter but she just wanted to plant sunflowers which I was completely OK with! Maybe next year we can do something like this! Thank you! I love your blog! You have so many great ideas for my family!

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