5 Fun Things to Do in Ireland With Kids

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Ireland is, hands down, my favorite place in the world.  While I plan our return to her shores I asked Leigh Maher, owner of the online Celtic jewelry store: Irish Celtic Jewels, to share his top 5 kid-friendly tips. On his blog, he shares tips and information about all things Irish, including jewelry, weddings and travel.

Ireland is a country with a rich cultural heritage, a colorful history, and warm, friendly people. Taking your children on a journey to the Emerald Isle can be a great way to share all the wonders of this unique country with a new generation. Ireland is a place of exceptional natural beauty, and its vibrant towns and cities are an intriguing mixture of ancient and modern …

lough dan
Lough Dan

Luckily, today’s Ireland is tailor-made for children: the country offers so many fun things for them to see and do, including amusement parks, heritage sites, and wonderful outdoor activities. If you’re considering taking your kids to Ireland, you’ll enjoy our quick guide to some great ways to experience the land of Shamrocks, Saint Patrick, and crafty leprechauns!

Here is our list of the top five fun things to do with your kids while visiting Ireland:

5.) Lullymore Heritage and Discovery Park, County Kildare –

This excellent choice for family fun is located in County Kildare, in the greater Dublin area. It’s conveniently located just a short journey from Dublin Airport, and it will definitely hold your children’s interest during a day of playing and exploring.

At this park, there is a wonderful balance of indoor and outdoor activities, so your children can experience healthy, education play in a variety of settings. A pet farm, train ride, and “funky forest” offer lots of opportunities to enjoy the scenery and beauty of Ireland while enjoying creative play. A fun golf course for kids is also a highlight of a trip to Lullymore.

Opening times vary throughout the year, more information can be found on the Lullymore Heritage Park website.

4.) Armagh Planetarium, County Armagh

If you’re visiting County Armagh, located in Northern Ireland, you’ll enjoy the beauty and tranquility of this area, which is known as “orchard country” due to its many apple trees. However, your kids may be looking for a little more action and activity during your visit. To keep them happy and occupied, take them to the Armagh Planetarium, with its Celestial Cathedral (featuring amazing Hubble telescope images of space!), interactive exhibits, and exciting Astropark (where you and your kids can wander through a fascinating, three-dimensional “universe”).

There is plenty to keep children of all ages occupied at this educational planetarium. Often, special events are planned to make things even more interesting, and they change throughout the year.  Visit their website for current events, shows and opening times.

3.) Castlecomer Discovery Park, County Kilkenny –

This charming park can be a wonderful choice when touring County Kilkenny – its location is very close to the historic city of Kilkenny, where medieval architecture is a highlight…

Plan on enjoying the natural beauty of Ireland with your kids at Castlecomer Discovery Park, with its trout lake, family hiking trails, and adventure playground. For a true Castlecomer experience, let your children make their own footprint in Castlecomer coal at the special interactive, “Footprints in Coal” exhibit.

Open year round; hours and rates can be found here.

2.) Charles Fort, County Cork

For a taste of adventure your children will never forget, spend a day at historic Charles Fort in County Cork! This well-known fort features a unique, star-shaped design, and it also allows your kids to see how life was lived in “the olden days”. The Irish Civil War and other notorious battles have been fought at Charles Fort, with its five huge stone bastions: the fort itself was built in 1680.

Kids enjoy running wild as they act out battles that spark their young imaginations. Although the fort is old and some of it lies in ruins, it still presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your children to really understand more about Ireland’s history.

Open mid-April thru mid-October, be sure to check opening times before you go.

1.) Dalkey Castle and Heritage Center, County Dublin

For whimsical fun your kids will appreciate, enjoy some time at the Dalkey Castle and Heritage Center. This novel attraction caters to kids, and it’s fun for parents, too! This Center recreates the feel and ambiance of a true Medieval Village, and it features amazing live performance from actors and actresses who play the roles of medieval cooks, Viking coin-minters, and even barbers.

A local theatre group is the cast in this “living history” performance, which lets your children pretend and imagine in a fun, safe atmosphere. Let your children mint their own coins and learn about the menu of a true Medieval feast at this unforgettable attraction.

Open year round; 2010 hours can be found at the bottom of the home page.

Do you have a favorite family-friendly activity in Ireland? Please share it in the comments!

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  1. Dinner at Bunratty Castle can be tons of fun for kids too – costumed waitresses, music, singing, teasing, a piper as you wait in line (playing very poorly and tunes such as blue suede shoes…) fun fun fun. Our boy celebrated sixth birthday there. He still talks about it every now and then.
    Plus Bunratty is very near the Shannon airport, making it very convenient.

    Or any of a number of music festivals (just a little on line search to find which is where when)

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