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I have this crazy love of Ireland. In case you didn't know, I publish an entire website dedicated to Ireland family travel. Ireland Family Vacations is a resource filled with tips, interactive maps, and vacation services. So you can imagine that I receive a lot of requests for articles and quotes this time of year.

Pre-Parade. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Fun St Patrick's Day Activities in Your Area

published by Minitime (and syndicated to Today's Mama)

You’ve likely heard that “Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day,” but beyond your local parade there doesn’t seem to be much going on that you can take the kids to. Or is there?

Like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, a bit of craic (pronounced ‘crack’) can often be found, if only you look for it.

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My Iowa. My Ireland.

published by The Field Position

As I look out my window right now I see a gentle creek parting the rolling hills that will soon be green. The pre-dawn air is still a bit too brisk for the grass to have the smell of morning dew when I open the door to let my dog out. And the only ruined castle I see is made of snow, its frozen turrets slowly dwindling in our glorious spring thaw.

Across the ocean I am watching my Irish friends already harvesting early spring vegetables from small gardens. Each day brings new photos of baby lambs and colts romping in damp grass, the filtered sunlight creating a magical effect over the entire image. A centuries old ruin can be seen far in the background, its stone walls holding stories of life, love, and intrigue.

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And I was thrilled to be quoted in this article by MainStreet (and syndicated to many other outlets)

Ireland Budget Travel Tips: Experiencing the Emerald Isle Like the Pros

Most travelers on a budget will opt to lodge in hostels, B&Bs or even vacation rentals as opposed to hotels, since hotels can get quite expensive. Since most hostels contain dormitory-like rooms and shared bathrooms, fees per night tend to be much less costly than private hotel rooms. Jody Halsted, freelance writer behind IrelandFamilyVacations, suggests the Doolin Hostel in County Clare, which is just north of the ever-popular tourist site the Cliffs of Moher. The hostel offers dorm-like rooms, some separated specifically by gender and others combined, as well as private and family rooms. Prices range from €16.98 ($17.86) for a shared dorm with one bathroom to €28.86 ($30.36) per night for a two-person private room with personal bathroom.

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